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By TractorBoy
First trip there last Saturday. Pleasant little airfield - fairly basic cafe. Landing fee £10.

Radio reception can be an issue - coming in from the South I couldn't establish communications till I reached Long Mynd gliding site.

Circuits 1500ft QFE - rather high, but you find out why when you join. It sits in a valley with some rather alarming hills nearby. Keep circuit nice and tight and extend downwind to allow time to lose height. At least I'll know for next time...
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By TractorBoy
I was well aware of its location. If I'm inbound to an airfield, I try to make contact about 10mins before I arrive. And as I was doing 130kts groundspeed, I felt 10nm would be leaving it rather late...
By JJBeall
Flew in Dec 11, 2013. They have a card machine now. No charge for debit cards but an extra 2% if you are using a credit card. Warm welcome and a lovely setting.
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By Iceman
My first visit today, and I would echo what Merlin83b said, a very warm welcome, and even a cup of tea made for me by GrahamB :D

I was glad to be of assistance to the two Halfpenny Green pilots who lost a brake calliper on landing in their PA28 by flying them home.

Iceman 8)
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By joe-fbs
Made a brief visit today. Beautiful spot and a thousand metres of had runway with NDB, DME and lights but still only £15 to land a single. Catering was limited to a sweet machine or help yourself to hot drinks & Christmas cake then put a couple of quid in the honestly box so one really needs to visit for long enough to go off site.