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By fuzzy6988

Rates for a Cessna 152 or similar weight aircraft as of July 2011:
Airport fees: Approximately £243 (£121 landing + £123 navigation charge)
Parking: Free for the first 24 hours then approx £108 per 24 hours thereafter

Mandatory Handling
Universal Aviation: £170
Harrods Aviation: (didn't ask)

+ Popular with Ryanair and easyJet flights
+ Well connected. Many buses and trains for easy access into London and surrounding areas. Car hire available.
+ Modern terminal buildings and shops
+ IFR + night equipped
- No local flying club
- Mandatory handling
- Overpriced

Final verdict: Too overpriced for what it brings. Better to use North Weald or Andrewsfield and taxi to/from Stansted for ongoing connections if need be.