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Wickenby (EGNW)

PostPosted:Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:57 pm
by Steve H
Lovely, lovely little airfield (mind you, being such a glorious day helped!). Contact Waddington LARS in and outbound, but they were fine. Wickenby Radio use a decent radio and set up in the tower, but when the guy in the tower has several jobs to do, they use a heldheld Icom, so you may not hear them until quite close. I didn't spot the airfield immediately as the distinctive 'X' runway arrangement is only a small part of a much larger typical three runway WW2 airfield, I could see that alright and it took a few seconds to dawn on me the little 'X' over there was the remaining GA airfield!

Wickenby is the small remnant of the much larger and now largely disused airfield

Very friendly bunch indeed. Report in the green portacabin next to the tower.

The tower with the portacabin peeking out from behind

Airfield cafe in the ground floor of the tower and lovely WW2 museum is upstairs in the tower. Worth taking the 200m walkto see the WW2 memorial at the main gate.

The museum in the first floor of the control tower

Lots of interesting aircraft and locals on motor bikes. Reminded me a bit of Compton Abbas in that respect.

The WW2 war memorial

Thunderbird (??) missile for decoration

No hassle at all and sort yourself out. Runways may seem short for spamcans (although two arrived very happily in nil wind while I was there and came nowhere near the end of the runway), but well worth the effort if you are happy with it.

I have seen mention elsewhere about 'rough areas' of the runway and possible stone chips. I certainly didn't make an extensive survey of both runways and I am prepared to believe that the displaced thresholds may be less than perfect, but certainly runway 34 looked and felt absolutely fine to me (and believe me, I feel most bumps in the RV!).

Re: Wickenby (EGNW)

PostPosted:Mon May 23, 2016 6:33 pm
by joe-fbs
As it seems that a lot of might be going there for PP, I'll copy my thoughts about Wickenby from that thread to here.

Wickenby: I used it as a refuelling stop for the East Kirby PP then spent a couple of years working on / near it. The runways are a bit small and rough. Otherwise it's very nice. The owners and staff are friendly. The little museum is very well done. The memorial grove of trees ands the gate memorial are excellent although seem to have strange local weather, very dusty on the eyes and throat I always found.

Re: Wickenby (EGNW)

PostPosted:Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:16 pm
by Human Factor
Popped in today. Very friendly place. The first time I've visited in fact, despite the fact that I've been flying for quarter of a century, was born almost within sight of the place and flew over the house I was brought up in with about eight miles to run. :roll:

Nice panini (and tea) and a nice setting to sit outside - even though it was gusting 20kts. There's a nice glass windbreak in place (complete with Lancaster silhouette) which has been added since the photo above was taken. The runways were in good condition and the grass was on a par with White Waltham. :mrgreen:

Note to the owners, 100LL is AVGAS. :wink:

Re: Wickenby (EGNW)

PostPosted:Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:15 pm
by joe-fbs
Cafe and club area have been spruced up. Cafe now run by Ann who also runs the museum. She provided a very decent chilli for my lecture on Friday.