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By Peter Gristwood
Plymouth is friendly and the trip either over the Moor or round the coast is spectacular.

They have only the one runway available as the cross runway has been made disused. The food isn't bad but you'll be eating in the terminal building. One little irritant is that they do act as if it is a full international airport - call for start, pass through a security check etc.

But give it a go while it is still there. Its worth phoning them before you launch, though.
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By AlanB
Plymouth is great, and very GA friendly. You have to get PPR and all that malarky but other than that they are most welcoming. I love going there as the fees are reasonable for a 'full ATC' airport. There is a pub 5 mins walk from the terminal and it is no hassle even though it is a "proper" airport. Or you can eat in the terminal. You just get one of the security people to let you back out onto the Apron....

Highly recommend Plymouth and I see they do the 45 instrument approach slot for 40 something quid which is useful. Oh and they have a GPS approach in there, now apparently with vertical guidance!
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By UpThere
Would an EFATO there be as exciting as it looks from Google Earth?
(50°25'21.21" N 4°06'37.87" W)
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By SteveC
Very nice airport if a little deserted most of the time. I went in there at Christmas when I went to RM Stonehouse for the OM Ball.

Procedural ILS on the DME arc. It's very high on the side of a hill and so often quite low ceilings at the airport when all clear down in the town.

I did like the fact that they allowed me to use my airport lounge card and have a G&T and peanuts while waiting to be collected!!!
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By Private Jet
I remember a conversation with one of the Tayside instructors who'd worked as a Pilot Assistant on SAAB 340's down to Plymouth. He reckoned that the landings there were pretty exciting as they always landed uphill whilst standing on the brakes and "letting the ABS do the rest".

On a slightly related note, I see BMI have stopped running the Heathrow to Glasgow route
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By Straight'n'Level
Went last summer, and found everyone at the airport to be most welcoming. Security process is sensible if you don't leave your pilot licence in the plane (like I did :doh:).

Handling isn't required for light aircraft, although the landing fees have a price break at 1000kgs. A Warrior will cost you a bit more than a C152, but it's still good value for money. :thumleft:
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By Aerotech Flyer
Well we had to pop down there the other week to fix a customer's stranded aircraft, so took a couple of pics, which might illustrate the area and appoach.
Interestingly enough, we were up in the Tower having a chat with the friendly staff, whilst the Air Southwest Dash took off. "That got airborne quickly !" I commented. "Yes, well there are only two passengers on board!" replied the controller,... nuff said.
We thought at the time, it's a shame that we can't just airlift this lovely terminal building to Coventry as it's just what it needs!!
AF :salut:
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By gp-dave
Hi all
I have flown into plymouth several times now, and have to say it is a very reasonable landing fee for the size of the airport (£12.00 / aa5 ). no mandatory handling just park on the grass. security guys are good and freindly, then go to the tower and pay your dues and have a good chat with the very helpfull controllers.
would reccomend it to all.
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By bvq
I am based at Plymouth along with about a dozen other private owners. The last 5 years have all been downhill. When I learnt to fly at the flying school there was a lot of activity at the airport. As well as the flying school there was military training in Grobs, Flag Officer Sea Training helicopter operations and Air Southwest. The Grobs went to Yeovilton and it has become more and more quiet since then.

The airport land is owned by Sutton Harbour Holdings and is on a 150 year lease from the council. Up until a few years ago there were 2 runways. One has been closed and new housing development has started. The airport is clearly under utilised and the losses speak for themselves.

With Newquay and Exeter nearby, Plymouth was always going to be limited in what services it could make profitable. The location of the runway restricts the size and types that can operate from the field, a problem that Newquay are unlikely to ever experience.

The nearest alternatives for those based at Plymouth are Dunkeswell and Bodmin. Unfortunately these are usually full and getting a space can take some time. For me, when Plymouth closes I will sell the plane and hang up my headset. The thought of having a 3 hour round trip to get to the plane elsewhere is not appealing.

In the mean time I wholly recommend Plymouth. It is a very pleasant place to visit. As has been said, I would walk down to the Jack Rabbit rather than eat in the terminal.
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By bvq
Single runway with instrument approaches, full ATC and all in a spectacular area of the country.

PPR, no handling and very reasonable landing fees.

Weight(kg) Fee VAT Total
000 - 999 £ 9.31 £ 1.86 £11.17
1000 - 1499 £19.19 £ 3.84 £23.03
1500 - 1999 £32.45 £ 6.49 £38.94

45 Min. Training slots £41.50 (+£8.30 VAT)
(A/C under 6000kgs)

Parking - Grass – Light Aircraft Park
Same Day Departure - FREE
Additional Days - £6.21 per day (+£1.24 VAT) –or part thereof.

Very friendly ATC and straightforward security arrangements.

A 5 minute walk gets you to the Jack Rabbit pub for lunch. There is accommodation at an Innkeepers Lodge next to the Jack Rabbit or slightly further out at the Milstones Country Hotel.
By TorqueSplit
Spent 2 weeks at Plymouth Airport flying Royal Navy Chipmunks - way back in 1978.
We were flying off grass runways but don't recall much else about the place apart from the glorious weather !
By BobPreston
Been to Plymouth several times from Swansea and a very enjoyable trip with stunning scenery and excellent ATC support all the way down. Each time I have taken a Taxi down to The Barbican area in the City which is really excellent with a good range of reasonably priced Restaurants which give the feel of being in France without the cost of the trip!
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By Rod1

I do not know what you fly, but there are a lot of strips in the area. I have been into Plymouth once, Ok but like most regional airports it had no atmosphere.

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By bvq

I fly a Eurostar. You are correct, there are many other strips in Devon but very few with suitable hangarage close enough to Plymouth for me. I am expecting to make the most of the airport whilst it is here, sell the plane when it goes and maybe restart some time in the future.

Whilst the airport itself has no atmosphere, the hangar has a great group of LAA pilot owners with whom I have had many a happy hour spannering. I think that I will miss them the most when the airport closes :(