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By Geraint Pinches
Flew in to North Coates yesterday, having previously done so some 9 or 10 years ago.

The old wartime/ex RAF airfield has gone - when I last flew in, they were one of the disused hard runways - now it's just a grass strip with dimension of (approx) 650 metres by 20 metres. Quite smooth - a few bumps in place. If landing on 23, beware the 10 feet deep ditch immediately before the threshold - so do not land short of the red and white marker boards.

Warm welcome on arrival - a few club members milling about - some flexwing microlights, a Piper twin, gyrcocopters - a real hodge podge of different aircraft.

Typical greasy spoon fayre - but very good quality and value - great bacon and sausage sandwiches from the cafe on site. Nice picnic area for sitting out in nice weather whilst watching the action.

Landing fee for singles £3. Fuel on site (don't know price as didn't re-fuel).

Would go again - not a lot in the immediate vicinity (nearest pub is a 2 mile walk) - but you can walk over the fields to the beach in about 10 minutes.