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By Steve H
Croft Farm airfield (aka Defford) is located a few miles north-west of the distinctive Bredon Hill and just off the south-east edge of the disused ‘triangular pattern’ wartime Defford airfield. Like most grass airfields, even though you know exactly where to look, it still took me a couple of minutes to positively locate it. It is on a farm, so it has farm buildings not hangars, but there are aircraft stored outside and there is always a windsock out.

Croft Farm / Defford from there air - yes really!

Call on Defford Radio on 122.25, but it is rarely manned, so make blind calls. Circuits are always to the south and there is a published noise abatement to avoid the local villages and excellent airfield information on their website at:

The runway is 09 / 27 and 570m long, so make sure you are happy with this runway length. You can get the QNH and QFE from the Gloucester ATIS (127.47) as those for Defford are only I Mb different. I landed on 27 and put it down close to the numbers. The first part of my landing roll was nice and smooth, but I have to say I found it a bit bumpy approaching the mid-point of the runway. The runway length was fine for the RV6, but those of you with more ‘ground-loving’ aircraft (TB9 and 10 spring to mind) may want to consult the POH carefully!

Open door policy at the reporting caravan

The airfield was deserted when I was there (18:00), the reporting caravan is clearly marked and works on a ‘trust’ basis. The door was left open and although there is no landing fee, you are encouraged to make a donation of £5 to a flying charity in Africa, which I was happy to do. Then record the details of your flight and that’s it. Serve yourself kettle and tea making facilities. Lovely quiet location, very handy for, err… well… - anyway, it’s a nice airfield! I did call for PPR and the chap I spoke to was very relaxed, he just wanted to know that I had read the website and check on my aircraft type.

There is no fuel, probably best to go to Gloucester for that.
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By Steve H
Nice pubs within easy walk of the airstrip at Croft Farm include:

Defford Arms, 5 minutes walk from Croft Farm airfield near Pershore

....and i've not been to it, but The Oak Inn near ('5 mins walk from') Croft Farm (Defford) seems to have good online reviews.