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By scuderia
I have business in Wrexham and the drive is a bit of a fag, so thought I might fly to Harwarden and rent a car. Anybody been into Harwarden recently?

By Fibreman
Hawarden has a good ATC that will provide a traffic service when requested and will try and hand you over to, in my case Birmingham. Remind one when close to Class A airspace, one at 3000' and another at 3500', attentive. You have the opportunity to practice an ILS (DME & NDB) approach on 22 and 04.

PPR is required 01244 522013. GA parking is on Apron N, northwest of the airfield. Landing fee, weekdays ~£19.50 and weekends £24.32. Depending who is on duty at Hawarden Chester Handling Services 01244 536853 after 2 hours you may be charged £6. Best to pay landing fee on arrival. There is overnight hangarage, in 2009 £16/night. A swipe card is required (from Hawarden Chester Handling Services) to exit and enter the hanger via the Flintshire Flying School.

Avgas 100LL & Jet A1 fuel is available (not purchased to date) and deicing fluid.

Taxis KingKabs 01244 343434 serve the Aviation Park, request they come to the Flintshire Flying School. There is a security gate for the Aviation Park for any taxi to negotiate. Those who have fold up bicycle(s) Chester is a 15-20min cycle.
By rollo
Was over at Hawarden last weekend. Extremely helpful ATC, as were Hawarden Air Services who hangared the aircraft. We'll certainly be flying in there again.

If you need to hire a car try Enterprise rent-a-car ...
.... as they will collect you from Hawarden airport and take you to their depot to pick up the car - at no additional cost. Similarly on the return - drop the car off at their depot, and they drive you back to Hawarden. You can book the car in advance, and cancel if any problems arise without incurring any cancellation fee. ... 2106946650
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By BlackheathBloke
FYI you can now get the ATIS online, if you're thinking of heading to Hawarden:-

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By adhawkins
Anyone flown in to Hawarden recently?

Considering stopping off there for lunch on my way home from Anglesey this weekend. Wondering what the landing fee / parking would be for a PA28R? Probably only be there for an hour, two at most.