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By grumpy old pilot
Worth mentioning that the owner has spent over 100,000 quid sealing around the area on the northern part....refuelling is going to be shifted to that side so no more 'stone chips'...

Quite a 'buzz' about the place now with new hangars emerging and owners and operators moving in, not to mention the best N & G reg maintenance available in the area...
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By davey
Has there been anymore progress with the new clubhouse, last time I was there only the steelwork was up ?
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By gp-dave
I believe there is a planninng technicle hitch going on with the new club house, (councils are like the caa, lots of clauses i.e 123/a.178.article 5a sub para c) :scratch: but the new nice new tarmac taxiways and refueling area, are just what were needed. Lots of aircraft here now in their new hangers (including the famous yakolevs display team & the d & s air ambo, helimed 10) as G.O.P. said good maintainance, also plane hire is available from S.R.W.N :D (AA5).
By Boxkite
Time for a quick update. A new, much roomier, clubhouse is in place (much work done by volunteers), it's still a work in progress - the A/G radio shack extension is still to be replaced - but at least it's dry and draught free, and the food is still good (available at weekends only, snacks and drinks at other times). And, as always, just as friendly as ever.