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By IanJudge
Just visited and with the new runway (not used as crosswind) would recommend this as a pleasant destination.

Automated fuel pumps activated by credit card machine.

Two eating places (one closed during the winter but looks great) and I can recommend the beef,onion and stilton bagette at the Aviator £4.75.

Also a great little Engineering company - Brooklands Engineering. Contact Nick Peel 01604 642000 great work replacing our new engine (overhauled by Narvic).
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By Final Approach
Been in a number of times and will continue with that trend. Fantastic airfield, with a fantastic new runway.

Plus the Aviator has to be one of the nicest places for a drink and a meal - top marks!
By Haskey

We flew in to Sywell and used the new hard runway on 13th April 2010. Very friendly place but the Pilots Mess was closed so had lunch in the old style terminal. Whilst we were there The Blades started up and departed for a quick flight.
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By jaycee58
I made my first visit to Sywell a couple of weeks back it certainly won't be my last! The credit/debit card fuel pumps do seem to have a teething problem or two and the pumps refused to accept my Visa debit card. Should this happen just see the chap in the office and he can sort the pump out so you can fill up and then you can pay by card in the normal way.

I got a full display from The Blades 10 minutes after arriving :-)
By sibsonsean
Thank you for the update Jeff :) Will pop in and try it out sometime. If arriving by road, I presume we can still use the Pilot's Mess if using the code to get through the gate at the high security border?!!!
By Johnyev
Jeff Bell wrote:Sywell's Pilots Mess is now up and running again with a new Chef, Andrea. Opening times Tue-Sun 0830-1700.

And is open again! run by the same people who have the cafe in the village,

Smart new tablecloths

most stuff under a fiver

I havent eaten there yet and not sure of opening hrs but have heard good feedback on the grub,

If you arrive by car and cant remember the code ask at the hotel, but lately the gate has been open during the day.

Cheers John
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By joe-fbs
Visited today. It's an excellent set of facilities: big concrete runway (and grass for those that need it); helpful FISOs; marvellous architecture and decor; a good looking cafe (which we didn't try because it closes some time before the airfield); a lovely proper restaurant in the hotel (where we ate well, excellent quality although excessive quantity, it feels wrong to waste so much excellent food but there was three times as much as any reasonable person could eat); NDB to help you find it (no published approaches); and very reasonable prices, I was charged (correctly according to my bill) a total of just fifteen pounds for an arrival and two further landings after local flights. Very reasonable hours as well, it goes unlicensed at 1800L but you can sign a form and depart later.

No AVGAS for visitors at the moment, some supply problem apparently. It is NOTAMed.

What else? Memorabilia all over the place; a museum; a beautiful memorial to Paul Morgan and probably all sorts of things I've forgotten.
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By Pete L
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Very friendly refuellers. Cafe good - think its just been taken over by people from the village.

Now do MOGAS. £1.64/L.
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By Paul_Sengupta
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Pete L wrote:Very friendly refuellers.

Isn't it self service? What are you saying Pete? :D
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By Colin G
Paid a visit on Saturday 27th April 2013. As usual the place was a immaculate and friendly.
The downside was the food in the cafe. It was the worst food I've experienced at an airfield, to the point I actually sent it back. Burger so burnt that the knife wouldn't go through it, although you could break it up into bits of charcoal. Cheap chips that had the potato filling missing.

Think I'll be giving it a miss next time.

Oh, and there's no wifi!!
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By Colin G
The one upstairs that doesn't have a card machine. I believe it's called the Pilots Mess.

The same cafe also ramped up their prices for AeroExpo. Needless to say, they won't be getting any further business from me. I'll stick with the Aviator.