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By Flyingmac
700 mtrs grass. 450 mtr X runway if it's blowing too much.

Landing fees. Microlight £3. Group A £5. Heli £10. All nil if fuel uplifted. Avgas and Jet A1. Mogas maybe. Free parking. Good grub. Licenced bar. Friendly locals.
Leave yellow jackets in aircraft unless you like to be pointed at. Avoid overflying the village. No overhead joins.
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By joe-fbs
Can I assume that, despite the legal problems, Bagby is open? The web site seems to have not been updated for about a year and telephoning got me a terse electronic voice telling me to call later.

I have to visit a supplier near Northallerton on Thursday and two hours each way in an aeroplane is more attractive than five hours each way in the car (if the weather is good enough and the club can spare an aeroplane, etc.).
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By joe-fbs
Flyingmac posted this on another Bagby thread:

07736775463. (Airfield manager). Bagby open to all. Avgas £1.45+VAT.
No £5 landing fee if fuel uplifted. (No lower limit). Free parking. No hi-vis.
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By joe-fbs
Did this trip yesterday.

Excellent services from Cottesmore, Waddington, Doncaster (including zone transit at FL65), Linton and Topcliffe on the way there and back. The benefits of flying during office hours. I did not manage to see Bagby until the Aware GPS told me I was on top of it. Maybe some advance planning on Google Earth was required. The airfield is immediately south of Bagby village; next to the A19 road and half way along a line joining RAF Topcliffe to the white horse on Sutton Bank.

It took me three attempts to land. My excuse being that there was a cross wind and it's the shortest, narrowest place I've ever landed (I'm neither old nor bold!) and I was in a PA28. Anyway, the person on the radio (possibly flyingmac of this parish?) was very nice about it.

I felt very welcome at Bagby. The bacon sandwich on arrival was very nice indeed. Cafe / crew-room / bar was pleasant enough. Five pounds to land and park for three and a half hours. I had to look quite hard to find someone to take my money! I would have cheerfully paid more.


It seems reasonably easy to find by road, being just off the A19 and up a short lane at the edge of the village although the person collecting me said that the post code in Pooleys was not recognised by the sat' nav' in his bosses Mercedes. Although the hangers and windsock are visible from the village road, the A board marking the lane is somewhat obscured by a tree.

I really hope everything works out well for the airfield. I also hope that the architect's renderings on the wall of the beautiful modernist leisure complex are real and not a spoof, I would love to visit that when it's built.