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Went there unexpectedly yesterday when cloud denied me a way across the hills to Donegal. I had got as far as Letterkenny when I decided it was no-go to Donegal. I was already talking to Derry, so explained the problem and asked whether they would accept me (and cancel my flight plan to Donegal which of course they did). A brief delay while they checked that fire cover was active (their requirement not mine) then was told to come on down. Approach gave me vectors until I was established on a long final from the power station (on the half mil') to 08. Full lights and PAPIs, very exciting for the likes of me. Landed, marshalled into a parking spot near the fire station then an escorted walk to the terminal. Normal regional airport facilities (cafe, shop, amusements, massage chairs, etc.). Looking at the map and the improving weather, I decided we could make Donegal safely. Info' desk person escorted me to the tower where I refiled and despite my protestations, was told that my landing fee was waived as arranged by Mr Strasser (it would have been only 14 pounds). Back to the terminal, another escort to get refuelled (I could only take 30 litres but felt I should spend some money with them). Back to the terminal to pay for the fuel (and a nominal parking fee which made me feel a bit better). Collected the family then a third escorted walk through back to the aircraft. Past all the Ryanair passengers and with our own escort, now I know how the celeb's and politicians feel! Into the aeroplane and a no delay departure ahead of the Ryanair.

Even if I had paid a landing fee (and there is as far as I can tell no handling fee for GA), I would have had a bargain, full control with navaids and lots of people helping and escorting. Thank you very much to all concerned.

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Yes, that bit is odd, I can see why it winds-up the professionals on the other place. Eglinton did all the same checks on me. I resisted pointing out that with a 2500lb aeroplane with 130 litres of Avgas on board under my control, what I might have in my pockets was not really relevant. Difficult to blame the people, they are low wage, low skilled just implementing idiotic policies.