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By joe-fbs
Dropped into Enniskillen yesterday while holidaying in Ireland (I'll report on our temporary base at Newtownards after the holiday).

Arriving from the East, one's eye is guided to the airfield by the adjoining loch and nearby town. Lucky really as I couldn't find either the NDB or the TDME (I had been warned at Newtownards that the navaids at Enniskillen are rarely switched on!). Joined crosswind, circuit over the loch and touchdown on 33. There's a parallel taxiway for part of runway but one has to enter and backtrack the last couple of hundred yards. Park by the tower and the fuel bowser was immediately there, the tower having asked if we wanted fuel (100LL GBP 1.57 a litre for those who track these things). Short walk to book in and pay, GBP 12 for a 172. Into the cafe: clean, pleasant and busy. As there were only a handful of aeroplanes around there must have been a good number of non-flying locals using the place. Two soups, a curry and a sausage roll followed by rhubarb pies and a scone (oh, there were four of us, I'm not that greedy!). All very nice and mostly, I think, locally made, not from a cash and carry. Quick nip up to the tower to re-check the weather (we had diverted inbound to take a lowland route as the clouds were a touch too close to the hills for my peace of mind) then out to the aeroplane. Slight embarrassment of the nice people from the cafe having to follow us onto the apron to get paid after each of the three adults in our party thought the other had paid, sorry!

As we set about getting my less than mobile Dad into the aeroplane, the two refuelling / fire / landing fee collectors rushed over to provide most welcome assistance, thank you chaps.

Enniskillen, highly recommended and I haven't even mentioned the glorious views on the flights there and back.