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By Ridders
To quote the Goodwood website:
"This thriving centre of general aviation is situated in the stunning Sussex countryside between The Downs and The Solent. It is well clear of controlled airspace. The airfield is surrounded by the historic Goodwood motor circuit which is active throughout the year, and host to the annual Goodwood Revival Meeting".

Originally RAF Westhampnett during the war which was a satellite station for Tangmere, it was later purchased and the Goodwood racing circuit opened in 1948 using the airfield perimeter tracks as the racing circuit.

Goodwood today has 3 main runways, all are grass. In winter a relief runway is also operational. There are noise abatement circuit patterns detailed here for fixed wing, follow them to avoid noise complaints and upsetting ATC. Helicopters have their own.

If your visiting, PPR will normally be granted on the radio, better still call ATS on 01243 755061. PPR is mandatory for Goodwood events including the Festival of Speed, Glorious Goodwood, and Goodwood Revival and landing fees are often more costly then. Other times, bear in mind half price landing fees apply to all aircraft every Sunday & Monday, so a sunday is a great day to visit. :thumright:

Your landing fees are paid at the Aeroclub/flying school, which is to the south of the hangars. Here you will also find the Aeroclub Cafe and I can confirm after much testing, the food is pretty good! In the summer you can sit outside and soak up the atmosphere. I can recommend the home brewed Goodwood beer to your passengers! Time to spare? A flight experience on the Harvard could be a possibility....

A short walk to the east of the aeroclub and the motor racing circuit is to be found, where often some tasty motors can be seen and heard. Nearby Tangmere Museum is worth a visit and a taxi into Chichester is another possibility.

Some photos:
Overhead from the SE, outskirts of Chichester can be seen top left. The main (longest at 1225m) runway is 32L/14R, the East West runway also visible is 24/06. Not so easy to spot in this photo are the shorter 28/10 at just over 600m and in the winter Relief runway that operates alongside the longest runway, being 32R/14L at 726m.

Another great day of flying from Goodwood ends outside the Aeroclub with a couple of tasty Goodwood Beers:

Lots More info here - plus a rather nice video that captures the unique atmosphere of this wonderful airfield that exists for the passion of aviation.
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By tomwheeler
Went here last week - A very nice airfield with friendly staff!

Managed to get the one picture....

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By joe-fbs
What a lovely place. Took a friend there today on his first flight in a small aeroplane, what a great introduction to GA. Highly recommended.
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By matthew_w100
Very lovely. Apart from a landing fee of £17.50 for a light single! Apparently it's half price on Sundays and Mondays though.
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By CaptChaos
Some things we get up to there...


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By Steve H
I have flown over Goodwood so many times, I thought I should actually visit, planning to do so this weekend.

Any comments on how smooth (or otherwise) the grass runways are? My 'tightly-spatted' RV does not like bumpy grass!
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By CaptChaos
Steve, the surface is now firm again but there are some ruts in places including runways but not too bumpy. It does not seem too bad but I have larger tyres on what i fly there. If you are around Sat PM pop your head into hangar 8 and say hello. We will be away at north Weald on Sunday.

PS Sat 24th 14:00 display in Kingsclere area for 10 mins
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By CaptChaos
Learnt this weekend after exercising the radials that Goodwood have decided to waive landing fees for Pre-66 aircraft. I believe this is because they want encourage vintage/classic activity there. Not seen an official announcement but this is what the Flying Club said when I went to pay for fuel/landing fees. See you there!
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By Rich V
CaptChaos is correct. No official announcement yet, but the concession is confirmed by the Goodwood GA Mgr.

The only apparent caveats are that touch-and-goes are still chargeable, and the concession does not apply to event days such as the imminent Revival meeting.

The normal fee currently would be £18.07 for e.g any visiting Aeronca or Luscombe (both types being all pre-66) so this is a quite significant concession. A brave initiative in the current climate, which deserves support.

Goodwood is a great place to visit. There is a lot to do and see in the local area, and without leaving the aerodrome the motor race track is frequently active and the club restaurant is a cut above the usual airport cafe.

PPR by phone is required ..... but the good news to offset that is: Hi-Viz jackets are definitely not !!!

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By ChampChump
Used this wonderful concession last week. It was a big attractor for me and as a result we spent a good bit of time in the cafe. The accompanying new-fangled aircraft paid up the full whack.

I arrived home from work today and what should arrive but an invoice for £18.07 presumably addressed via G-INFO. I've e-mailed and await the response.
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By Keef
If it does prove to be "free" for oldies, then I may add another aerodrome to the list, and pop in there in the Jodel.
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By CaptChaos
The process does not always work but in another case i am aware of, they refunded without problem. The bad news is I don't think it will be permanent. The precise rules are free landing for pre66 aircraft plus free circuits if you uplift 30 litres of fuel in same. I believe they are looking to increase fuel sales but results have not been positive thus far.
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By ChampChump
Just received a reply from Air traffic, apologising and cancelling the charge. I suspect the accountancy end of the organisation hasn't been advised of the pre-1966 bit, as I had a bit of banter with the lady on the desk about ages, of the aeroplanes and our own, so there was no doubt she knew all about it.

So you're ok Keef: despite their sharp, modern appearances,Temporary Champs like ours are acceptable. :wink:

I'd very much like this concession to stay, as the No 1 Champ wants to visit her No 3 relation there very soon.
By malcolmfrost
I believe they are looking to increase fuel sales but results have not been positive thus far

If they weren't charging 30p/l more than Bournemouth, or Popham they might have more luck!
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By CaptChaos
A little dickie bird tells me that Goodwood are looking to continue free pre-66 landing in some form next year as attracting vintage aircraft is supported from the very top of the organisation.