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By nobby
Reputation is only a reputation.

A beast can be tamed (not that I'm saying there are any beasties mind)

I was there a few days ago after 8 months of not visiting and things have changed.

The loooong runway is still as flat as a flat thing on pancake day :)

The cafe has been extended and now has a fine italian chef (or so I'm told, but he was back in Italy when I visited and hence a reduced menu)

The outside space is a joy to sit in and relax (albeit cold on a cold day) and the pond is now becoming a water feature again.

Just dont go to the toilet...they're still from WWII :evil:

Oh, and they are now licenced.....not like in flying, which they have always been, but with beer!
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By HeliCraig
A friend and I tried to call in on Sunday on the way back from The Heli Lanes; not the best experience. I shall explain what happened and offer my advice in bold!

My Pooley's does say PPR but it does not say PPR by telephone only; so we made an en-route decision to try and pop in. When we finally raised someone on the A/G Radio he was very certain we weren't welcome! make sure you get PPR before departing.

The initial quality of the RT was poor and the reception was awful. I doubt it could have been our a/c as we had just managed to fly Sywell - Denham - HeliLanes and out, having spoke to about 8 different ATC services. So - be aware the quality of their radio may not be that great!

They just seemed a bit unfriendly to me. Shan't bother attempting to go back.

Equally, I am sure many people have had happy experiences there though!! Just reporting as I found it.
By smallpilot
I was at Pansanger today and the lovely young lady in the cafe told me that they are now a 'members only' cafe and was giving out membership forms to everyone who was buying food/drinks, £10 to be a member, more if its a flying membership. It seemed a bit strange as its a busy place on a nice afternoon. Surely this is going to drive away so much passing trade ?Anyone know what thats all about?
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By pilotbarry
Its an eccentric airfield..I phoned for PPR and got a newbie who didn't know what I was on about..on landing we expected a bollocking cos we had parked in the wrong area but got a really nice welcome from another Pup owner..then we got into trouble for not wearing a high viz jacket. The cafe is superb! what a nice meal! Worth ten bollockings which we would ignore anyway.
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By Dave W
Dropped in yesterday to drop off/pick up pax. There was an aerobatics experience day going on, along with a Porsche drivers' club meeting. There was a real buzz to the place, and no sign whatsoever of any of the negative stories I'd heard previously.

Friendly lot, good cafe (if you eat there, a sign at the book-in desk says the landing fee is waived), excellent condition grass runway and reasonable fuel (£1.40+VAT).

The sight of a chap with one arm draped over the fuelling point and a lighted fag in the other hand was, err, unusual though. :shock:
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By adhawkins
Flew in with family in the Arrow on Saturday from Kemble, with DavidC flying another of the Club's Warriors. Great place, easy to find and good quality runway and taxyways.

Circuit was quite complex, and a bit close to Luton's airspace for my liking, but we got down Ok!

Great welcome in the office (despite my using a landing voucher) and excellent food in the eatery. The Chef even came out to query our order, as the burgers that day had chilli in them (we'd requested a 'plain' one for our 2 year old) and we switched over to fish fingers to be safe.

Catrin had fun playing with the selection of toys there, and we all departed without drama after lunch.

Would definitely return even with a full price landing (very reasonable if memory serves) and it'll be added to my list of places to come back to.