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By Steve H
Great airfield, easy to find.

Cab ride from the town of San Sebastian (the built up area around the airport is NOT San Sebastian (Donostia is the local Basque name). Great town, well worth seeing and an ideal first taste of Spain for a pilot as it is 'just around the corner' from Biarritz in South West France.

By LycoMan
Do check the NOTAMS. I think they now insist on PPR because they have limited GA parking
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By Flyingfemme
The "limited parking" is due to ramp maintenance and resurfacing this summer. But they refused a landing a couple of weeks ago because they were not taking non-Schengen arrivals.......not sure if it was permanent or temporary.
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By skydriller
From another thread, don't get stung for the apparent 60+ Euros handling fees...
simon32 wrote:LESO (San Sebastian) is PPR and you should email: before arrival. They reply promptly, but need to know your aerodrome of departure and ETA. You will be charged handling of >60 euros if you come from an aerodrome that does not have police. They seem to know which they are. Handling requires liaison with Iberia, and they will give details. Most large airports in France have police, but it is best to check so that you can avoid this extra charge. Otherwise expect to pay 30-35 euros for landing and overnight parking...

....Mandatory handling at LESO for flights from non-police airfields was introduced a few years ago. I have been stung a couple of times. Iberia are visibly uneasy about taking the money and point out that they don't see any of it. I get round it by stopping off at Pau or Biarritz and filing from there. If Hondarribia wasn't such an attractive destination, I would have ceased going there. The airport is nice, there has been no problem with parking whenever I have been there, bars, restaurants and hotels are within walking distance of the airport. The excellent beach is about 40 minutes on foot.
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By A le Ron
We were in there for a few days in September. Parking is an issue and genuinely needs to be pre booked. There is also a regular bus (about €5) into town.
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By A le Ron
Honestly can't remember but can't have been too bad because I'm from Yorkshire...
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By GolfHotel
Last time we were there we did pay handling and had to book overnight parking. I don't remember the costs so it can't have been that bad. We will definitely be back as its one of my favorite ever destinations.
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By Rob P
Well the IFR thing certainly wasn't the case a couple of years back.

Rob P
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By A le Ron
Rob P wrote:Well the IFR thing certainly wasn't the case a couple of years back.

Rob P

No, the IFR thing (if correct rather than specific to a certain day) is definitely new. The AIP still shows a VFR approach and procedures chart

It remains listed in the AIP as available to VFR traffic; there is no NOTAM otherwise. So let's hope for the best..
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By GolfHotel
Last time I called after leaving Pamplona airspace. Basically they said Call airfield in sight, choose your own runway there is no one else around and no wind. I called and choose the approach over the harbor, was told to call final. When on the ground the lady handling me couldn't have been more helpful. :-) I don't think I tried to get duty free fuel as I was heading to France next. They are part of a common market you know. :-)
By Jetblu
You're right, no mention in the AIP or Notam about IFR.

....but :scratch:

[email received]

16:50 (23 hours ago)

to me
Dear David

Please find the link for the prices attached.
The price of AVGAS is 1.7679€/liter.
Take care to the Notams, the aerodrome is reserved for VFR-based aircraft and IFR.
If you are in IFR, no problem




David G
10:55 (5 hours ago)

to Executive
Hi Laurent,

We can accept an IFR arrival/approach although we will be routing down to San Sebastian VFR from the UK.

Please advise handling charges/landing fees/overnight parking for 1 night ...

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By GolfHotel
shame if accurate.

We are planning to stop off for a day or two at the end of May in the RV. Will give than a call just before hand and see what happens.