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By joe-fbs
Surprisingly, no thread abut this in the ATIS so I thought I would start one. Dropped in yesterday as something to do when taking my 12 year old up for the first time. I guess the museum needs little introduction but I was surprised by how much there now is, some very impressive new architecture complementing the old and far more on display than I expected from long-ago visits.

Airfield wise: no trouble finding it; very helpful AFISO service (except that instead of a string of "straight ahead / left/ right / park in the second row"; a simple "follow the Harvard past the Fortress and park by the Sabre" would have been easier for him and made me feel good!); bags of room to park; unbelievably small landing fee (six pounds eighty five for a 152 including one hour [unpoliced] for us to look around). No finding and working out how to use the fuel pumps, a bowser comes to you complete with polite and helpful operator, he even had a credit card reader. The old adage about checking what someone has done for you applies though, a request for full tanks got me 85% full and one cap not properly refitted.

Tried one of the eateries, food nice enough once the queue actually moved.

Harvard, Dragon and Moths flying around as dynamic complements to the museum exhibits.

All-in-all, a good place to go especially if you have people with you who don't just want to sit around drinking tea and talking GA at an airfield that looks like the one they just left!
By malcolmfrost
Went there last Friday, last time was in 1976 when I was gliding with Cambridge University Gliding Club (I was actually at Hatfield Poly!)
Called the day before for PPR which was basically don't fly over Duxford village just to the SE. No overhead joins.
Landed 06L the grass strip which is long and pretty smooth. Parked opposite the line of classic British airliners. The VC10 is gorgeous.
Landing fee £14 pay at the main entrance to the East of the tower. Museum entry fee waived for 2 hours if you fly in.
Museum is fantastic, our day finished with someone doing a run and break in a Spitfire!