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By bookworm
Lovely little French regional SE of Paris with a decent hard runway (17/35, caution in strong westerlies!) and an ILS. Customs on 1 hr PPN (they didn't turn up to greet us). English speaking AFIS though be prepared to make circuit calls in French if the AFISO is off duty. Simple but good restaurant overlooking the apron makes it a great lunch stop. Landing fee for 1700 kg twin was EUR 8.
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By Tall_Guy_In_a_PA28
Fuel is self service, then pay at reception. There is a very helpful weather briefing office next to the terminal. Tell them your planned route and they will put together all the data they can gather and show you weather radar screens etc.

The Novotel next door is OK if you need to spend the night and value convenience over character.
Edit: see below for hotel offering convenience and character
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By johnm
There's a leaflet for the Hotel Relais St Jean on the desk where you pay your €8 landing fee and M Leclerc the director will call Martin (a PPL who owns it with his wife) and he'll come and pick you up. The Hotel is a good 4 star in the heart of the old town, very stylish and around €95 per night, but no taxi fares!

Troyes Aviation will also fix a sick donkey if you suffer that way (as I did)
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By Rob P
Oh how that picture makes me (and probably 2 Donkeys) smile :D
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By Adrian
bookworm wrote:decent hard runway (17/35, caution in strong westerlies!)

Decent grass runway too (05/23, caution in strong northerlies! ;) )

Definitely the airfield of choice for customs clearance if heading too or from SE France. Cheap, friendly, nice town if you get stuck, and more reliable weather than the coastal airfields.
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By Rob P
Adrian wrote:
Decent grass runway too (05/23, caution in strong northerlies! ;) )

Which is what makes us laugh ruefully

Rob P
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By Steve H
Another vote for Troyes. Great airport to clear customs in and out of France / Schengen if headed that way, certainly in preference to the crowded Le Touquet. My new favourite-ist airport for clearing customs if heading south!

AVGAS is self-service and does work with UK credit cards. First time I tried I got stuck and spoke on the intercom and agreed to pay in reception, second time, it seemed to work and delivered a printed slip.

Some of the parking spots DO have tie downs, but they were not obvious to me. Look for round, black ‘drain inspection covers’ (that’s what they look like to me). If you lift the cover, in the hole are chains and ropes fixed for tie downs.

There is a Meteo office next to the tower who are excellent and very helpful with weather.

The terminal itself is small, but very clean and modern and normally deserted except for a chap at the desk (looked like firecrew / pompier) who really speaks very little English, but is very helpful nonetheless.

Free WiFi in the terminal - ask at reception for the password.

Troyes Airfield terminal

Landing and parking fees are trivial and AVGAS prices are competitive.

The on-airport café looks excellent, but was never open any of the several times we were there. Don’t rely on it for lunch or you will go hungry. There is a vending machine for snacks and sodas and a free water cooler.

Another vote for the classy and old hotel in Troye town centre, the Relais St Jean. Tell the guy at the desk that you are staying at the Relais St Jean and can you have a taxi into town. He will look up on his list and call the owner (who is Irish) who will come out and pick you up and take you back free of charge – he is also a pilot at the local aeroclub, so is very pilot friendly! This saves EUR 15 – 20 each way and at EUR 95 for a room it isn’t bad anyway. Excellent hotel right in the heart of the old town.

You really should not stay at the airport hotel as it is a crime to miss the town centre. It really is a gem and for the sake of an extra few Euros and another 15 minutes drive, it is well worth staying in town, even if only for a quick explore.

Troyes town centre was pretty much all like this
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Another vote for Troyes both the airfield and the town. Novotel walking distance.
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By skydriller
Visited on the way home through France. Just before closure at 18:30 local time, there was a big rush for the fuel pumps, the Pompiers who man the desks there stayed on valiently and without complaint until everyone had filled up and paid.

Then, as I couldnt get back home safely in one hop without re-fuelling again due to the unforcast headwind, we decided to stay overnight. The Pompiers tried in vain to contact the Relais St Jean for us, but unfortunately they were fully booked (Note, Double rooms are around 130 Euros now, but still good value when you consider being picked up/ dropped off etc.). So, we were stuck with the Novotel a short walk up the street - Its OK, but we considered it overpriced (100Euros) as it didnt include breakfast (15 Euro each extra), but then it is convenient to the airport.

Landing fee = 8 Euros, Overnight Parking = 8 Euros.

Regards, SD..
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Tip on getting a reasonable last minute deal for hotel rooms is (if you have internet access) to go onto one of the usual websites (Expedia/Last Minute etc) and book through that. Usually considerably cheaper than the rack rate you get when calling the hotel directly or asking at the desk.
By Geraint Pinches
Oct 2013

Landing fee for Piper Arrow EUR6.69.

Avgas EUR 2.21 per litre

A/A only between 12.00 and 14.00 (requires calls in French).
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By Awful Charlie
Not sure if it still applies now the Novotel isn't, but they used to do a 'pilot' discount if you asked - something like 10% and free wifi
By Buzz53
Passed through Troyes yesterday, always a handy and reliable customs stop (although on this occasion we didn't need them). Unfortunately the staff were handing out printed slips in (sort-of) English as follows:

"For all crew inbound or outbound a country outside Schengen area:
Written PPR to send at Customs the day before the flight, before 1700LT (on Friday for flights operating on Friday, Saturday and Monday) at:
[Customs fax and email address]
Immigration service possible only during ATS opening hours"

At the time I didn't notice that Sunday was missing from that list (and why is Monday on it - translation error?) but in my best school French had asked explicitly if this meant flights on Saturday or Sunday would now need a Customs request on the Friday and was told that was now the case. They agreed with me that this was Very Bad News.

The current plate (Dec 14) makes no mention of arrangements other than giving phone and fax numbers.

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By skydriller
Thats pretty much what you need from the UK isnt it? Imigration during ATIS (ie English speaking) hours? And I guess the VAC is actually correct in providing a number to call and they would tell you what notice they need (or not)....

Out of interest, what kind of fees are they charging these days? Did you by any chance use a Hotel/taxi etc?

Regards, SD..