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By Irv Lee
Old Sarum - what a pleasant place, with friendly staff to match. I was there yesterday when a test (on me) was switched there (for reasons I won't go into) at the last moment, and so many people on the OSFS staff side went out of their way to make it a good day with minimum stress for me. It was good to see the place buzzing with so many people enjoying lunch (excellent food and selection) or coffee in the sunshine as well as the people there for flying.

If you have never been and the idea of it tucked under Boscombe worries you slightly, it really is an easy arrival even (perhaps especially!) when Boscombe is active, in which case, as you identify a specific easy to find VRP about 4 miles away and then effectively join one base or the other from there - it's far easier than many places. Also, don't let the new occasional parachuting put you off, it's just a case of calling by phone first to check if there is any, and a final check over the radio when near the VRP, I'm told.

Well recommended
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By Irv Lee
leiafee wrote:A favourite of mine too. Some fo the nicest, smoothest grass around!

:shock: :shock: :shock:
...oohh.. ok, I've just realised what you mean :wink:
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By Josh
Popped in on Friday to meet a friend - can also thoroughly recommend the excellent cafe/restaurant that had an excellent spread of food on offer. Very friendly and helpful staff and a traffic service from Boscombe Radar on the way in and out.

Interesting upslope on the start of 06 though!
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By Paul_Sengupta
It's the only place I can get fuel in the local area when I'm bimbling after work in the summer. The fuel stays open into the evening. I don't think the food's all that special, but it's not bad, and the cakes are nice. Try the Malteaser cake. Mmm...

Yes, wonderful atmosphere, great people. While you're there, have a look around the WW1 hangars. Look up when inside.
By PortAndCheese
I can second what everyone else has said. Visited a fortnight ago during the week, having been tempted with a free landing voucher in the LAA magazine. Certainly will be back!

Phoned beforehand but the number went straight to the cafe. The girls there were very friendly and helpful, but not exactly clued up on aviation and said the tower didn't have an outside line. They told me PPR's not needed, just call on the radio before joining.

As Boscombe was active, I received ATSOCAS from them and was asked to report visual with Alderbury (the VRP to enter the Old Sarum ATZ). As previously said, this join is as simple as anything, and the airfield is easy to identity, masses of long wide grass.

Self-service fuel pumps with instructions on the side, some of the cheapest around, you can pay for it with landings in the cafe/restaurant. Just had time for a Danish pastry and cup of tea of can't really comment, but what I had was fine quality and value. Cafe had a few people in there, and airfield was ticking over with activity amd tinkering. The museum would certainly pass a few hours, if I had them to spare!

Only complaint, as soon as I took my tea and pastry outside I was surrounded by wasps. Not just one or two either, clearly there's a nest in the area. Retreated inside and received commiserations from the others who had done the same. Shame as it would have been great to be outside watching the parachute aircraft and others using the runway.

Will be back!
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By Paul_Sengupta
PortAndCheese wrote:I can second what everyone else has said. Visited a fortnight ago during the week, having been tempted with a free landing voucher in the LAA magazine.

Dammit! I went on the evening forum get together there the other night and paid the landing fee! I really should start reading the magazines to see what's in them... :roll: :D
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By joe-fbs
Visited for an hour yesterday. Cafe was nicely set-up and and served decent food (we had three different hot dishes). Food extremely reasonably priced given the quality and environment. Nice little airfield. Boscombe helpful on the way in and out. Museum was closed on Mondays so I cannot comment on that. The hangars looked rather interesting architecturally, I hope they are protected although I fear not as while the museum one looks well kept, the others are distinctly neglected. I was nearly put-off going by all the on-line PPR stuff on the web site but ignored it, just phoned to check as is my habit. All the person answering did was say that they were non-radio (that also showed in my NOTAM check) and to make blind calls. She was also surprised when I said that we were specifically coming for the quality of the cafe. She seemed totally surprised that anyone would care about such a thing. Are we foodie types on Flyer a minority or do airfields just not do research?
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By Ben K
IIRC the online PPR isn't mandatory; the AIP entry says "This aerodrome is PPR by RTF, telephone or website."

I believe the museum has now opened up a second part of their hanger and now has OS-based aircraft of intetest operating out of there.
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By Paul_Sengupta
I believe some of the aircraft were moved into the museum hangar while repairs to the other hangar were taking place.

They are WWI vintage and listed. The hangars that is, not the aeroplanes.
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By Ben K
Ah, thought the move was permanent.

Also, aren't the hangers listed as well?
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By Paul_Sengupta
If I remember correctly, both hangars will be available afterwards, so I think yes, there may be some permanent moves.