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By Pete L
Popped in there on May 3rd for the first time in a couple of years, and found it lively and friendly.

Noise abatement is reasonably obvious, but a call first will help for any temporary changes to published information.

Monster hard runway with a mixture of tarmac and grass taxiway - a few dents to avoid, but didn't seem to be any tiger traps.

AV8 was busy with locals and visitors - food was excellent.
By Tris
As my home field I can recommend it to anyone-great cafe at AV8, friendly welcoming people & nice guys in the tower. Top of my list!
By johnm
I keep my aeroplane there and the guys in ops are uniformly helpful and the AV8 is a great facility though it has had a chequered career with regular changes of management as they try to make it pay.