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By Wizard
Went in there recently (Feb) on night navex.
Very GA friendly ATS. Nice lounge. Proper Coffee. Good facilities. Feels like a professional GA place.
By steviem
Just an update on Oxford. Flew in earlier this week. Everything is still first rate and reasonably priced for a facility of this kind. Landing and 4 hours parking £16+VA. Free (and first rate) coffee, tea etc. in a very nice lounge.( Cafe available on site feeding the hordes of embryonic jet jocks milling around the place). Extremely helpful and friendly reception / ops staff. ATC professional but friendly. Only downside is a taxi into Oxford town costs about £20 each way but there is a bus available apparently.

All in all a very nice place to visit. It had the slick appearance and atmosphere of a bizjet facility (which of course it is) but with the courteous and friendly attitude from all the staff you might expect at a grass roots club. (apart from parking all the cheap stuff in a quiet little corner out of the way on some very long grass that is)
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By Charles Hunt
Flew in yesterday, Saturday, and the weekend landing fee for a short stop, for a warrior was £10.21. (was probably a tenner all in before the VAT increase).

My only issue was the AIP airfield chart doesn't give the Approach Frequency 125.325 which should be used on first contact (although with hindsight I see this is the frequency on the 1:500,000 chart.)

Edit - should have looked at the above post, it does give the correct information. I thought that by going to the AIP I was going to the authoritative source.
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By joe-fbs
Just to reiterate all the above positive comments about the place and its staff. I flew in on Sunday evening, collected the family, did a night local, parked overnight then departed next morning as soon as the frost melted off the wings. All that (including all the hot drinks you want) for thirty nine pounds, very reasonable (I understand that the fees are higher Monday to Friday).

Just one slight whinge, which I did ask the desk staff to pass on to management, the car park (five pounds a day Monday to Friday, no charge weekends) can only be paid by a long tedious telephone call giving your life story to some corporation somewhere. Why can't they just collect it at the desk?

Oh and not a a complaint but an observation. If out and about by road for work, I try to use airport cafes where possible. I tried this at Oxford recently and it is not possible because the cafe is the wrong side of a security barrier and wanting to use the cafe is not an adequate reason to get you in.
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By joe-fbs
Been to Oxford twice in the past week. In a PA28, ten pounds "weekend special" landing fee and you still get to use that very nice lounge.
By Overflight
Seems costs haven't changed over the years for general aviation, still £12 (inclusive of VAT) at weekends or free if you uplift 45 litres of Avgas. Weekdays it's £16.50+VAT to land and free parking for 4 hours or £16/night thereafter. You can still do a deal with Enterprise Rent-a-Car at Oxford for £14.99 for a car per day over the weekend and go and explore Oxford and the Cotswolds. Blenheim Palace and Woodstock are just 5 minutes away at the other end of the runway. Very friendly and helpful terminal staff and ATC now with radar, very professional. Makes for a great weekend destination. Far quieter than it was 10 years ago.
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Avgas is currently £1.15 plus VAT which is £1.38. That makes it cheaper than Gloucester which is listed on the forum front page as the cheapest!
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By joe-fbs
Dropped in yesterday (a weekday) when I needed an ILS for a safe cloud break in poor visibility. All very good as ever. Fees for a 998 kg AA5 were an absolute bargain:

Landing £10
ILS £ 5
Fuel £ 1.70 a litre

BTW that £10 includes tea (other soft drinks are available) and biscuits in the lovely lounge and briefing area.
An update to the thread on EGTK / OXF / Oxford (Kidlington) - 1st November 2017, we're still offering incentives to visiting piston singles under 2.73 tonnes which are:

Landing £10 incl. VAT or FREE if uplifting 45 litres fuel
Parking £10 incl VAT per 24 hours
ILS Approach is £5 incl. VAT
Fuel for November is (Avgas) £1.73/litre incl. VAT or Jet A1 is £0.65/litre excl. VAT

We will continue this visitor (non resident) incentive through the winter 2017/2018 but highly likely for it to be retained on an ongoing basis (unless we get manically busy with based training activity). Yup, our coffee and biscuit bills are quite high!

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