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By Steve H
Went there for the first time today. Good ATC all the way in and easy approach and join. Only one runway, so have to be midful of crosswinds (esp for taildraggers), but pretty much on the nose today.

Parking on the GA apron at the end of taxiway Bravo near the tower, easy to find. Efficient reception where I paid a hefty landing fee of £24.15 for my piddly little RV6 (727kg MAUW) - and people complain about Gloucester prices (with three runways and GPS approaches)??? Ouch!

Busy airport with loads of people in departures (down the corridor for the GA / Executive suite). Good, efficient cafe.

Southend from downwind for 06

WiFi Information
WiFi available in the FBO and in the terminal. PC access in the FBO
Steve--you must have hit the kaf on a good day--they don"t really like customers--normally always keen to shut the place. A couple of people have been trapped under the shutters.
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By Keef
Nah, ROG, the caff's fine. It's very busy at lunchtimes (seems to be full of pensioners!). It does close with a bang around 3pm though. I've eaten there a fair few times and have no complaints.
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By roweda
It would be so nice if they extended this to residents too.

Only can only dream!

Roweda, personally I sympathise with your point, but these matters are decided by the accounts department.

Any offer (albeit a temporary one) is quite a change in itself for the airport.
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By wsmempson
I flew in on 4/5/11 in a piper saratoga, to see a resident business. A VFR approach and landing, no ILS or handling and stayed no more than an hour.

Landing fee? £55.20
The new Soutehnd Airport railway station has now opened for use on the eastern boundary. :thumright:
GA visitors should still park in the GA Park by the old control tower, probably about a half mile walk to the station from the FBO. When there is a passenger flight expected, there is a free shuttle bus operating between the old terminal and the station.

Service into London/Stratford takes arond 55/45 minutes respectively.