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By The Westmorland Flyer
Plockton is a delightful little airfield on the west coast of the Scottish mainland, just north of the Kyle of Lochalsh. The 597m hard runway is orientated 02/20 and is very close to the water's edge. The approach from the north to 20 is clear, across the loch, whilst the southerly approach involves a very easy gently curved approach to avoid high ground about 2km south of the 02 threshold.

The fixed wing apron is to the east of the runway, close to the northern end. Beware: the taxiway is narrow and the apron surface is quite rough and loose. Alternatively, you can park close to the hangar, east of the runway midpoint.

It's pretty well a racing certainty that there will be no-one there to greet you. A listening watch is suggested on 130.650MHz but I have yet to ever get a reply to my blind calls. I find it useful to initially fly past to the west of the airfield, just out into the loch. This makes it easy to check the windsock and the condition of the runway before committing to final approach. Once down, the booking in facility is a clip board at the large noticeboard close to the hangar. Fill in a sheet with your details and PDG will invoice you by post. The landing fee is about a tenner from what I recall. Although the airfield is shown as PPR, I have never managed to get a reply to my telephone calls. There is no Avgas (nearest is Oban).

The airfield is a short walk (about 0.7 miles) from the village, which is an absolute gem. Plockton's climate is most unusual for a place that is so far north. Palm trees grow in abundance and the little harbour is surrounded by natural greenery that is unusual given the latitude. There are many excellent restaurants, hotels and B&Bs along the harbour road. The seafood is especially superb. There are pleasant walks around the harbour, out along a causeway to a small island that is sometimes cut off at high tide and along to the headland beyond the far end of the village.

Plockton is a delightful day trip from Oban or Glenforsa. Thoroughly recommended!
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By joe-fbs
A practical note, we had Plockton as a desirable stop on our Scottish tour. Looking for accommodation the night before (it was mid May), I rang at least a dozen places. About half did not answer and the others were all fully booked for weeks to come.