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We'll endeavour to sort the airfields in alphabetical order here with links to the thread in this forum. Click on the airfield name for information posted by other forumites about the airfield. Click on the country name for general information and links relevant to flying in the country in question.

Feel free to make ‘Reply’ posts for updates, further information or new links relevant to this thread. I will then update the post and archive the update comments to keep things neat and tidy.

Before posting please check a thread for the airfield is not already available before starting a new one.

United Kingdom
Aberdeen (EGPD) Website
Aboyne Website
Aberporth/West Wales (EGFA)
Alderney (EGJA) Website
Andreas Website
Andrewsfield (EGSL) Website
Anglesey (EGOV) Website
Arclid Website
Ashcroft (EGCR) Website
Aston Down Website
Bagby (EGNG) Website
Balado Park Website
Barra (EGPR) Website
Barrow / Walney (EGNL) Website
Baxby Website
Baxterley Website
Beccles (EGSM) Website
Bedford (EGBF) Website
Bedlands Gate Website
Belfast City (EGAC) Website
Belfast International (EGAA) Website
Ballerena Website
Belle Vue Website
Bembridge (EGHJ) Website
Benbecula (EGPL) Website
Benson RAF (EGUB) Website
Beverley / Linley Hill (EGNY) Website
Bicester (EGDD) Website
Bidford Website
Biggin Hill (EGKB) Website [EG3}
Birmingham International (EGBB) Website
Blackbushe (EGLK) Website [EG2]
Blackmill / Feshiebridge Website
Blackpool (EGNH) Website [EG2]
Bockenfield Website
Bodmin (EGLA) Website
Bolt Head / Salcombe Website
Boston Website
Bourn (EGSN) Website
Bournemouth (EGHH) Website
Bowland Forest / Chipping Website
Branscombe Website
Breighton (EGBR) Website
Brentor Airfield
Brimpton / Wasing Lower Farm (EGLP) Website
Bristol Filton (EGTG) Website
Bristol Lulsgate (EGGD) Website
Brize Norton RAF (EGVN) Website
Bruntingthorpe Website
Burn / Selby Website
Caernarfon (EGCK) Website [EG2]
Caltonmoor Website
Cambridge (EGSC) Website
Campbeltown (EGEC) Website
Camphill Website
Cardiff International (EGFF) Website
Cark Website
Carlisle (EGNC) Website
Castle Kennedy Website
Causeway Website
Challock Website
Charlton Park Website
Charterhall Website
Chatteris Website
Chilbolton Website
Chiltern Park Website
Chirk -
Church Fenton RAF (EGXG) Website
Clacton (EGSQ) Website
Clench Common Website
Clipgate Website
Clutton Hill Website
Colemore Common Website
Coll (EGEL)
Colonsay (EGEY)
Compton Abbas (EGHA) Website
Coningsby RAF (EGXC) Website
Cosford RAF (EGWC) Website
Coventry (EGBE) Website
Cranfield (EGTC) Website
Cranwell RAF (EGYD) Website
Cranwell North RAF Website
Croft Farm / Defford Website [EG3]
Cromer (Northrepps) Website
Crosland Moor / Huddersfield Website
Cross Hayes Website
Crowfield (EGSO) Website
Crowland / Spalding Website
Culdrose RNAS (EGDR) Website
Cumbernauld (EGPG) Website
Currock Hill Website
Damyns Hall (EGML) Website
Darlton Website
Davidstow Moor Website
Deanland (EGKL) Website
Deenethorpe Website
Denham (EGLD) Website
Derby (EGBD) Website
Doncaster Sheffield (EGCN) Website
Dornoch Website
Drumshade Website
Dundee (EGPN) Website
Dunkeswell (EGTU) Website
Dunsfold (EGTD) Website
Dunstable Website
Durham Tees Valley (EGNV) Website
Duxford (EGSU) Website
Eaglescott (EGHU) Website
Earles Colne (EGSR) Website
Easter Website
East Fortune Website
East Kirkby Website
East Midlands (EGNX) Website
Eastbach / Spence Website
Easterton Website
Eddsfield Website
Edinburgh (EGPH) Website
Egerton Website
Eggesford Website [EG3]
Elmsett (EGST) Website
Elstree (EGTR) Website [EG3]
Elvington Website
Enniskillen / St Angelo (EGAB) Website
Enstone (EGTN) Website
Eshott Website
Exeter (EGTE) Website
Eyres Website
Fair Isle (EGEF) Website
Fairoaks (EGTF) Website [EG3]
Falgunzeon Website
Farnborough (EGLF) Website
Farway Common Website
Felthorpe Website
Fenland (EGCL) Website
Fife - Glenrothes (EGPJ) Website [EG2]
Finmere Website
Fishburn Old Website New Website
Fowlmere (EGMA) Website
Full Sutton (EGNU) Website [EG3]
Garston Farm Website
Gatwick Museum Website
Glasgow (EGPF) Website
Glenforsa, Isle of Mull Website
Glenswinton Website
Gloucestershire Website [EG3]
Goodwood / Chichester (EGHR) Website [EG3]
Gransden Lodge Website
Great Massingham Website
Great Oakley Website
Guernsey (EGJB) Website
Gwernesney Website
Haddenham / Thame (EGTA) Website
Halesland Website
Halton RAF (EGWN) Website
Halwell Website
Hanley / William Website
Haverfordwest (EGFE) Website
Hawarden (EGNR)
Headon Website
Henlow RAF(EGWE) Website
Henstridge (EGHS) Website
Hethel (closed)
Hibaldstow Website
Hinton-in-the-Hedges Website
Hollym Website
Holmbeck Farm Website
Honington RAF (EGXH) Website
Hucknall (EGNA) Website
Hullavington Website
Humberside (EGNJ) Website
Hunsdon Website
Husbands Bosworth Website
Ince Blundell Website
Insch Website
Inverness (EGPE) Website
Isle of Man / Ronaldsway (EGNS) Website
Islay (EGPI) Website
Jackrells Farm Website
Jersey (EGJJ) Website
Jurby Website
Keevil Website
Kemble / Cotswolds (EGBP) Website [EG2]
Kenley RAF Website
Kenyon Hall Farm Website
Kingston Deverill Website
Kinloss RAF (EGQK) Website
Kirkbride Website
Kirknewton RAF Website
Kirkwall (EGPA) Website
Kirton in Lindsey Website
Kitson / Ringmer Website
Knockbain Farm Website
Lakenheath RAF (EGUL) Website
Land's End (EGHC) Website
Langar Website
Langford Lodge Website
Lasham (EGHL) Website
Lashenden / Headcorn (EGKH) Website
Ledbury [EG3]
Lee on Solent (EGHF) Website
Leeds / Bradford (EGNM) Website
Leeds East (EGXG) See also Church Fenton above.
Leeming RAF (EGXE) Website
Leicester (EGBG) Website
Leuchars RAF (EGQL) Website
Linton-on-Ouse RAF (EGXU) Website
Little Gransden (EGMJ) Website
Little Rissington (EGVL) Website
Little Snoring Website
Liverpool (EGGP) Website
Llandegla Website
Lleweni Parc Website
London City (EGLC) Website
London Gatwick (EGKK) Website
London Heathrow (EGLL) Website
London Luton (EGGW) Website
London Stansted (EGSS) Website
Londonderry / Eglinton (EGAE) Website
Long Acres Farm / Sandy Website
Long Marston Website
Long Mynd Website
Long Stratton Website
Longside Website
Lossiemouth RAF (EGQS) Website
Ludham (nr Norwich) Website
Lundy Island (generic link to Devon Strut or else it won't work)
Lydd (EGMD) Website
Lyneham RAF (EGDL) Website
Lyveden Website
Manby Closed
Manchester International (EGCC) Website
Manchester Barton (EGCB) Website
Manor Farm Website
Manstage Website (follow link on site)
Manston (EGMH) Website
Marham RAF (EGYM) Website
Maypole (EGHB) Website
Membury Website
Meppershall Website
Merryfield RNAS (EGDW) Website
Mildenhall RAF (EGUN) Website
Milfield Website
Milltown Website
Mona RAF (EGOQ) Website
Monewden / Ipswich Website
Movenis Website
Nayland Website
Netheravon Website
Netherthorpe (EGNF) Website
Newcastle (EGNT) Website
Newnham Website
Newquay (EGHQ) Website
Newtownards (EGAD) Website
Northampton - Sywell (EGBK) Website [EG1] [EG3]
North Coates Website
North Hill Website
North Moor / Scunthorpe Website
North Weald (EGSX) Website
Northolt RAF (EGWU) Website
Norwich (EGSH) Website [EG2]
Nottingham (EGBN) Website
Nympsfield Website
Oaksey Park (EGTW) Website
Oban (EGEO) Website
Odiham RAF (EGVO) Website
Old Buckenham (EGSV) Website
Old Hay Website
Old Sarum (EGLS) Website
Otherton Website
Oxford (EGTK) Website
Panshanger (EGLG) Website
Parham Website
Park Hall Website
Pembrey (EGFP) Website
Perranporth (EGTP) Website
Perth / Scone (EGPT) Website
Peterborough Conington (EGSF) Website
Peterborough Sibson (EGSP) Website
Peterlee / Shotton Website
Pitney Website
Plaistows Farm Website
Plymouth (EGHD) Website
Pocklington Website
Popham (EGHP) Website
Portmoak / Kinross Website
Predannack RNAS (EGDO) No website link known
Prestwick (EGPK) Website
Priory Farm Website
Rattlesden Website
Raydon Website
Redhill (EGKR) Website [EG3]
Redlands / Swindon Website
Retford / Gamston (EGNE) Website
Rhigos Website
Ridgewell Website
Roche / Woodlands Farm Website (follow link on site)
Rochester (EGTO) Website
Roddige Website
Rougham Website
Sackville Farm / Riseley Website
Saltby Website
Sandhill Website
Sandown (EGHN) Website
Sandtoft (EGCF) Website
Scampton RAF (EGXP) Website
Seething (EGSJ) Website
Seighford Website
Shalbourne / Rivar Hill Website
Shawbury RAF (EGOS) Website
Sheepwash Website
Shenington Website
Sherburn (EGCJ) Website
Shifnal Website
Shipdham (EGSA) Website
Shobdon (EGBS) Website
Shoreham (EGKA) Website [EG2]
Shuttleworth / Old Warden (EGTH) Website
Sittles Website
Skegness (EGNI) Website
Skelling Farm Website
Sleap (EGCV) Website
Snitterfield Website
Southampton (EGHI) Website
Southend (EGMC) Website [EG2]
St Mary's / Isle of Scilly (EGHE) Website
St Michael's on Wyre Website
Stapleford (EGSG) Website
Stoke Website
Stoke Golding Website
Stornoway (EGPO) Website
Stow Maries Website
Strathallan Website
Strathaven Website
Strubby Website
Sturgate (EGCS) Website
Sumburgh (EGPB) Website
Sutton Bank Website
Sutton Meadows Website
Swanborough Farm Website
Swansea (EGFH) Website
Syerston RAF (EGXY) Website
Talgarth Website
Talybont Website
Tandragee Website
Tarn Farm Website
Tarsan Lane / Portadown Website
Tatenhill (EGBM) Website
Taw Mill / North Tawton Website
Thruxton (EGHO) Website
Thurrock (EGMT) Website
Tibenham Website
Tilstock Website
Tiree (EGPU) Website
Topcliffe RAF (EGXZ) Website
Treborough Website
Turweston (EGBT) Website
Upavon (EGDJ) Website
Upwood Website
Valley RAF (EGOV) Website
Waddington RAF (EGXW) Website
Waldershare Park / Whitfield Website
Walton Wood Website
Watchford Farm Website
Watnall Website
Wattisham (EGUW) Website
Wellesbourne (EGBW) Website
Welshpool (EGCW) Website
Weston-on-the-Green RAF Website
Westonzoyland Website
Wethersfield (EGVT) Website
Weybourne Website
White Waltham (EGLM) Website [EG3]
Whittles Website
Wick (EGPC) Website
Wickenby (EGNW) Website
Wing Farm Website
Wittering RAF (EGXT) Website
Wolverhampton / Halfpenny Green (EGBO) Website [EG1]
Woodchurch Website
Woodvale RAF (EGOW) Website
Wormingford Website
Wycombe / Booker (EGTB) Website [EG3]
Yatesbury Website
Yearby Website
Yeovilton RNAS (EGDY) Website
York / Rufforth Website

[EG1] MOGAS available
[EG2] Mandatory Hi Vis
[EG3] NO Hi Vis
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By flybymike
The website link for Bagby seems to direct one to a site for Apnea sufferers, and Oaksey Park to a Supanet home page.
I couldn’t find a correct link for either current website