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By joe-fbs
Two 750 metres grass runways. Delightful green-field aerodrome. Visited recently to pick-up some friends who live locally. Delightful spot, very friendly but with planning restrictions so one does need to call ahead to check that you can arrive on a given day. I went on a damp grey Sunday so there was no problem. There were a couple of locals fettling aeroplanes in the hangar otherwise it was deserted so fill-in the movements log and leave a tenner. I am not clear whether there is catering on livelier days. There is a cheese factory and a brewery on site. What's not to like? No radio so make traffic calls on Wattisham. Various glider fields to avoid on the way in. Lovely spot.
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By Iceman
I've only been in there twice to pick up and drop off Keef on what was his last flight (to Glenforsa). I seem to recall that they have a ban on anything above 200 HP so I didn't let on that the TB20 is 250?HP. A delightful little airfield.

Iceman 8)