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PostPosted:Wed May 29, 2019 12:49 pm
by joe-fbs
750 metre grass runway. Outside of but on the edge of the USAF Lakenheath -Mildenhall MATZ. I did not make the effort to speak to them for this trip but they are usually useful to talk to when transiting the area. By a main road and convenient for Bury St Edmunds. Last Sunday, I decided to try to do a quick visit there just for the joy of it. I telephoned the number given by SkyDemon and all was well. OHJ from 1500 feet. No-one staffing the radio but a few aeroplanes in the circuit so traffic calls made. Lots of based and visiting aeroplanes there. A young chap from the flying club made me tea and I left a pound in the tea fund jam jar. No other catering apparent. There is an 8th AF museum in the wartime tower and two Nissen huts but only open Sunday so I was able to see only the outdoor memorial. Looks worth a visit though. Lovely spot. Must be worth a Sunday visit one day. Landing was a tenner.

Re: Rougham

PostPosted:Wed May 29, 2019 12:53 pm
by Paul_Sengupta
One of the Nissen huts has a cafe in it. Someone else can comment on opening times.