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By skydriller
The airport for Switzerland's Capital city, I didnt initially think that I would be welcome so went on their website here: where I wasnt surprised when I saw in the fees download "under 5t 350CHF" :shock:

BUT, they had a GA section under "operations" with a pic of a PA28?

Well, PPR is mandatory because they have a very small light GA parking area. They also have strict entry and exit routes with mandatory reporting points. On the Website there are lots of pics of the different reporting points obviously taken from a light aircraft. I tentatively called them and asked how much I might expect to pay for an overnight wasnt 350CHF... so I asked if they had space for me in a few days - Yes!!

So, after flying over the beautiful snow-covered Jura mountains and descending steeply to follow the reporting points, on arrival we had a follow-me car guide us past the multitude of big expensive Biz-Jets to the small "blue area" for GA and we were marshalled professionally into a small Robin sized spot. They have 24/7 Customs & Immigration right next to the friendly ops center, but they werent interested in us, we just filled in a form. if you are being met, as we were, there is limited meet & greet parking right outside.

Departing the next day we went through the friendly security process at the same Ops center before heading out in Hi-vis to the aeroplane. Requested engine start before getting a take-off clearance (which you need to repeat EXACTLY... :oops: Sorry ATC.. :oops: ) and with a take-off slotting in-between a couple of biz-jets, we flew to the first exit reporting point. Their friendly ATC then asked if we were visual with the inbound Biz-jet - we responded in the affirmative and were then offered a sightseeing tour at not less than 3000ft over the city before heading en-route...nice one!!

And so to the nitty-gritty...

Total charge for overnight stop in the Robin DR400 = 62CHF. (about £50)
This broke down into 10CHF Passenger fee, 20CHF 24hrs parking, 8CHF ATC charges, 24CHFLanding fee.

Regards, SD..
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