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Mulhouse-Habshiem (LFGB)

PostPosted:Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:59 am
by skydriller
Busy GA airfield with hard & grass 1000m runways. Under the TMA & busy flight path for Bale-Mulhouse Airport, it therefore has strict entry and exit VRPs at 1800ft, with circuits at 1600ft to the east. Beware the preferred runway is 20, which I got wrong, though all taken in good humour by the locals.

I was met by a forumite on site, but am informed that there is a very good cafe/bakery about 800m/10mins walk away, in a complex together with a chain restaurant & fast food joint etc.

7.50Euro landing fee and 9Euro/day parking via Aeroclub Haut-Rhien west of the disused tower. Avgas commercially available onsite weekdays.

Regards, SD..

Re: Mulhouse-Habshiem (LFGB)

PostPosted:Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:02 am
by johnm
That's interesting I've been into Basle Mulhouse to go to the botanic gardens, will have to look at Habshiem logistics next's quite a bit cheaper though not IFR I assume.

Re: Mulhouse-Habshiem (LFGB)

PostPosted:Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:13 pm
by skydriller
No instrument approach...thats overhead into Bale-Mulhouse... :mrgreen:

But there is a railway station within walking distance of the aerodrome...apparently just a bit further than the restaurants I was told.

Regards, SD..

Re: Mulhouse-Habshiem (LFGB)

PostPosted:Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:10 pm
by Awful Charlie
I can add some detail here :-)
LFGB - unfortunately infamous for AF296

Hard and Grass runways 02 & 20 available to all, the short 16/24 is restricted to local ULM
Arrival and departure routes on the AIP VAC (arrive via N or W, depart via S or E, all not above 1800, but in practice you may well get away with higher - talk with Basel)

EDIT: Currently (as in expiring 2019-09-15) the SkyDemon depiction of the noise abatement/avoid areas is incorrect - use the VFR Approach chart to keep clear of them, or you risk a nasty letter from the aerodrome operator. This primarily affects arrivals from W and departures to S

Note the prohibited area for the Fassenheim nuclear power station (on the Rhein) - I know of at least one pilot being arrested on landing and hauled off to a judge for sailing straight through it, there are a few other D, P and R areas to keep an eye out for too

No lights, no customs, no yellow jackets, no PPR, no ATC (Air to air in French or English) but do note SD's comment (also on the plate) about the proximity of LFSB (Basel) controlled airspace (starts at 1000'AGL in the vicinity of LFGB) - Basel are pretty much the model of how class D should be managed so don't be afraid to give them a call - they are really helpful. You can get two way them from the ground on 130.9 to eg close flight plans.

Not an IFR airport, but with both Basel and Colmar close, it is easy to get from one of these SVFR if conditions allow. I flight plans preferred over Y and Z. If you're departing on an I then maintain VFR and call approach 119.350 as soon as possible keeping away from their ILS inbound traffic until you've got a clearance to climb. Take particular care if departing in IMC eastbound and to a lesser degree Northwest - unless you have a hotship the terrain rise will likely exceed your climb rate. For "IFR" arrivals, if you get VFR in time, just cancel IFR and continue VFR, if the conditions are less than that but sufficient for SVFR, take the ILS into Basel, then break off to the east and then a) R20 follow the Rhein, then the canal (downwind), left turn at the canal T junction (base) to the big Peugeot factory when you turn final, or b) for R02 follow the motorway for a straight in. If Basel are using 33 their procedure starts high to keep clear of the Jura, and when visual and breaking off, pay attention to avoid the bird sanctuary.

Fuel and EASA maintenance/repairs from Mulhouse Air Service - rather restricted hours, if desperate you might be able to beg enough from one of the clubs to get you to the next airport. FAA maintenance/repairs currently undergoing change

All fees with ACHR in the north western corner (there are rumours about various fee skimming schemes, but far be it for me to suggest anyone try these!)

Poulaillon, La Pataterie and McD**** a 5-10 min walk from ACHR, check opening hours! (sorry, can't get links for the other two to work)

Train stations Rixheim and Habsheim are pretty equidistant (the latter marginally closer) about 20-30 min walk, and on the same line between Basel and Mulhouse, but do check the timetable before committing - service particularly on Sundays/holidays can be distinctly limited. Like most non-urban places in France, taxis can be variable - prebooking strongly advised

For tourism, Mulhouse (car and train museums, Schlumpf collection and more) and Basel (Fasnacht, art, pharma and more) are close (but a train or 20+km taxi), various castles in the vicinity (Haut Konigsberg recommended), asparagus and various wines depending on the season.

If you're planning on coming, ping me a PM or e-mail - I might be able to meet/help!