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By skydriller
Popular GA friendly airfield in the furthest North-East corner of France, north of Strasbourg. It has a 1000m Hard runway and 880m of Grass, but beware that the official TODA/LDA for both is less (800-900m) due a road and powerlines either end.

There is an excellent restaurant on the airfield called Le Saint Exupery but beware that like many french restaurants they officially stop taking lunch orders early at 13:30 though remain open much later. We arrived at exactly 13:30 and they served us after checking with the chef, 3-4 others flew in about 15 mins later and were offered an abrieviated menu only. Certainly worth the effort though, it has a lovely terrace overlooking the airfield for the summer.
Additionally about 200m up the road and visible from outside the gate, though we didnt visit them, there is a 3star Hotel-Restaurant Champs' Alsace and a Chinese buffet style restaurant Champs'Asie.

6 Euro landing fee, AvGas & UL91 available from the aeroclub. We didnt pay parking as we didnt stay longer than a lunch stop.

Regards, SD..