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By skydriller
Write-up for posterity: Destination for the 2018 Raduno. :thumleft:

The airport is located with hills/mountains on 3 sides, the approach to RW 32 from the south is over the sea, the approach to RW16 from the north is "interesting" and involves flying through a valley and hugging the side of a hill before turning final. Conversely, departures on RW32 are climbing out right through the valley and on RW16 out over the sea. Video's here:

The airport is only 2-3km from the town of Marina di Campo, which is is a small port and south facing sandy beached bay. I recall hearing it was around 10 Euro from the airport to town, we were lucky enough to have accidentally booked a great hotel right on the beach with a complimentary shuttle bus :mrgreen:

A great place to visit for a few days as everyone discovered. Plentiful hotels, bars and restaurants, a great beach. Apparently"electric" bike hire was available in town to tour the island, which is bigger than you think - we decided to take a boat trip around the island, which we thoroughly enjoyed and this included stops to jump off the boat for a swim/snorkelling at various caves, beaches and wrecks.

They do have fuel, but we were told it really was "For safety" because the have to specially boat it in so costs 3.21 Euro/ltr - we took only 25ltrs because of a plan change. Landing fee 3Euro, Parking 10Euro/day. There is a "Handling" charge of 17Euro, which covers your security check to get airside and a very wizzy bus to/from your aeroplane - they actually give you a boarding card to get airside!! :P We found the whole process amusing and it seemed to take ages to get a bill and pay for everything - luckily there is a great little bar onsite to while away the time!!

To sum up, great destination for a relaxing weekend or even a few days.

Regards, SD..