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By skydriller
We wanted to spend a few days exploring the Lingueria coast on the way back from the Raduno. Apprehensive regarding handling fees, I Emailed the airport from their web page here:

The Duty manager replied the same day with a price list saying that though they get busy in the summer, they have just completed a new GA area near the aeroclub and had space during the week I wanted to go and I should reply confirming I when I wanted to visit. After booking a hire car (there are 4-5 companies in the terminal) at a very reasonable daily rate, I confirmed my intention to stay for 3-4 days. :thumleft:

On the day there was a NOTAM in place suggesting limited parking for GA at Genova and mentioning 2hrs max stay - so I saved my previous email exchange as a precaution. :shock:

On approach (#1 :mrgreen: ) to the long runway over the docks, after landing I was told to "Exit at Echo and taxy to your parking stand #308" which threw me as I was expecting to be sent to the "aeroclub GA parking area" - stand numbers are not on the Airfield diagram, and neither are most of the taxiways covering the enormous expanse of concrete... Anyway, a quick question confirmed that "308" was in "that direction", so off we went on the yellow line. On arrival at #308 we "contact handling on" who said they would come find us in a few minutes on the vast empty apron in front of the Piaggio hangars - so much for the NOTAM... :roll:

A very nice man appeared about 5-10 minutes later, helped with unloading/covering the aeroplane and transported us to the main terminal to pick up our hire car. He gave us a 24/7 number to call and said someone would meet us in the main terminal when we needed to get back to the aeroplane. There is a taxi rank outside the airport and regular busses to the city and railway station:

Genova itself is a bustling port city with amazing old buildings and piazza's which you could happily spend a couple of days exploring in itself, though we wanted to explore the amazing coastline and only spent one day in the city center.

On returning to the airport, while dropping off the hire car, I called the handling number and someone promptly arrived to take us through security - incidentally our cases of Grappa and Beer were no problem :cheers: . The handling office filed our flightplan and arranged fuel, all very friendly and efficient.

Total cost for 4 days was 91Euros. The bill has all sorts of things on it, but it appears that the "handling" was about 70 Euros, and the landing/parking fees were 21Euros, though Im not entirely sure I have deciphered it correctly..
Fuel was with AirBP card or credit card at the Avgas pump and was 2.01Euro/Ltr - oh, and they gave me an AVGAS-100LL sticker :? .

To sum up, for us the overall cost of the car/handling etc made it a value for money stop and I would do it again, even though light GA isnt quite their target clientele as evidenced by the private 777 parked on another part of the apron.

Regards, SD..
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