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By ChampChump
Third attempt to reply; thread did not exist during its move...

I think it would be easier to list those that don't. The strips and airfields in my logbook, mostly, definitely do or probably would accommodate a considerate camper. If I was planning a tour, I'd be happy to ask. Facilities might be limited, but aeroplane-friendly sites can be camper-friendly too, whether it's a key to a clubhouse or not.

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By skydriller
At my home aerodrome in France, LFDU-Saint Laurent-Lesparre, we are happy for people to camp between the hangars, or under the trees. We have shower & bathroom in the clubhouse which also has wifi. The couple living on the aerodrome speak English.

Regards, SD..
Old Buck now has purpose built shower and toilet facilities and does allow camping. Whether that’s at any time or during events, I’m not sure as the airfield manager is currently in the US. I’ll check. Certainly they’ve introduced an LAA/ Homebuilt weekend in September next year where camping will be available and is at the airshow.