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By joe-fbs
Full facility regional airport with sensible pricing for light aeroplanes (£27 for a landing and one night parking on a 1090 kg AA5B). High viz and security obviously but not badly done. There is Avgas.
Approaching from the south, and I'm not sure that the likes of us would be approaching from other directions, it is possible to be feet dry all the way if you are above 5-6000 feet although some of the little islands I had in mind for forced landing look pretty steep and rocky. On a bright sunny day with only a little cloud below us, the runway was visible from about ten miles (I think).
Pleasant airport cafe in the terminal. Seven pounds for a taxi into town. Lots of nice places to stay and eat although we very nearly could not get a room because everywhere was full. In the end we stayed at Thorlee B&B then ate at the Royal hotel. Both good.