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By akg1486
Who would have thought there are airfields at 1,900 feet MSL in Belgium? Well, there are. And EBSH is one of them.

St Hubert is a center for gliders in the Ardennes. It has two sets of runways: 14/32 (800 meters) and 05/23 (600 meters). All of these are doubled, with the right-hand for motorized and the left-hand for gliders. A monastery just south shall be avoided for noise reasons. Don't mistake this field for EBSU: a military concrete runway less than a mile away.

Landing fee was 7.50 EUR and overnight parking 6 EUR for a PA28/C172. We had really planned to continue, but we were exhausted from the heat and decided to cool off with a beer and therefore stay the night. There's a hotel on site, 10 meters from the closest GA parking spot. A double room was 60 EUR, plus another 10 EUR pp for breakfast. The hotel looked quite new. Not luxurious, but more than adequate.

When taking off runway 14, there's an incline and you can't see the end of the runway. The windsock is halfway and makes a good decision point: stop or continue.