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By joe-fbs
Southend has changed a lot since I was last there in 2009 and 2010. Last week I dropped in, taking a for-real SRA to two miles. After landing, it was taxi with a follow-me to the North apron where the marshaller told me what I needed to do next then drove off. Southend splits CAT from everything else with a red line on the apron, a very pragmatic policy which I have also seen used at Humberside. Once marshalled onto the north apron, you walk to the C along various lines painted on the apron. DO NOT CROSS THE RED LINE. I enquired about food and drink. I was told that the terminal is a long walk (looks to be maybe 500 metres) and that in any case the landslide cafe might not be open. I was recommended to use the bar of the much closer Holiday Inn. This turned out to be rather decent. I was away in less than two hours which meant that when I called the next day to pay, it was just £24 for the landing.