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By LeedsEastAirport
Good afternoon from Leeds East Airport. We offer the perfect spot to fly-in, with a local train link to Leeds and York and a tea bar for hot drinks. The airfield is rapidly developing and we welcome you to visit and see our progress.

For more information please call 07792 552971.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
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By skydriller
LeedsEastAirport wrote:For more information please call 07792 552971.


but you are kind of missing the point, you are supposed to be posting the info here....

landing/parking fees?
cost/ease of getting into town etc?

regards, SD..
By LeedsEastAirport
Good afternoon, the original post had the prices in however they were removed by the moderator;

AVGAS- £1.50 p/l

JET-A1- £0.58 p/l

AVGAS uplifts over 50 litres and JET-A1 uplifts over 100 litres will have their landing fees waived.

Landing fees for singles: £15

Transport link;

Leeds and York easily accessible by local train station (1.5 mile walk)

More airfield services coming very soon!

For more information please visit our website:
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By Keef
... as I explained in the PM to you...
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By skydriller
My Bad... :oops:
I guess there is a fine line between a report and an advert...But perhaps the landing/parking fee an be left here with web address & other info?

regards, SD..
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By neilmurg
erm, Leeds East - EGCM now I think
There on Wednesday, a great welcome, parked overnight in the hangar, free landing with fuel and 100LL @ 1.63 incl VAT. Thanks very much! The runways :thumleft: approach via VRP. They even rolled the fire truck out for my second landing :shock:
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By DavidC
Airfield ICAO code for Leeds East is EGCM instead of EGXG which was Church Fenton (Mods please change the thread heading)

Very pleasant and easy visit yesterday. PPR required but phone answered promptly.

There was little traffic around when I arrived, so quite easy for a straight in from the M1/A1 junction reporting point for 06. The airfield is massive, runways and taxiways in excellent condition, large control tower (callsign Fenton Radio rather than AFIS or ATC), large open parking areas. Fuel available at the pumps with credit card. Friendly staff in the tower took my landing fee £20 by card.

There's clearly been some investment made on the basic infrastructure - everything from Fire Trucks to fixed installations - although for such a large place it looks quite limited in activity, perhaps because it lacks a flying club or flight school. There's lots of large hangar space.

The Fenton Feeder cafe offers healthy food as well as the inevitable chip butty at good prices.

The airfield was busy hosting a Young Drivers event for teenagers who can drive ordinary cars off road, well away from the main runway.