Group flying opportunities & questions
Hi folks,

I am selling 1/3 share in a 1995 Christen Eagle II based in Prestwick, Scotland. It's got 1000h total time, superb condition (9/10 airplane), hangared all her life. Annual just done two months ago.

My two co-owners are extremely nice and easy-going individuals with a real bug for flying. They take safety very seriously and are not interested in cutting any corners when it comes to up-keep.

The Christen Eagle II is a superb little 2-seat bi-plane that will do most advanced aerobatic maneuvers but is also super comfy to cruise around in and has enough storage space to go cross-country if you want. It's basically a more modern, more comfortable version of a Pitts with much much better visibility and enough storage space to go to places.

Unfortunately due to recent life changes I have to move away and simply won't be able to fly the aircraft again. My share price of £26,000 includes insurance on the aircraft. Hangarege fees are very low due to one of the co-owners having multiple aircraft in the same hangar.

If you would like to ask more questions or see plenty of photos of the aircraft feel free to text me or call me on: 07513052460