Group flying opportunities & questions
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By TrickyWoo

I'm close to completing my LAPL at Enstone and would like to buy a share in a friendly group.


51, office type, very flexible working hours (extremely successful shirker) so can hopefully fit in with most group schedules
Will do 10 hours post-test immediately on a hire a/c and very likely a night rating and I'm very happy to comply with any reasonable group restrictions - test rides etc
PPL will follow very soon afterwards and next year I would like to fly to France and Germany so group understanding for a few trips away for a few days is a must
Very happy to fly with other members (and always keen to listen to more experienced aviators)


Can spend £2k to...£30k. Flexible.
C172, any PA28 or other suitable aircraft all good. (Although I'm Big Boned and tall (ok fat) so a C152 won't quite make the grade until a few more pounds are lost. This is a Work In Progress.

Please PM with any details and thank you for reading :-)