Group flying opportunities & questions
Marquart MA5 Charger - 1/5 share Manchester Barton

2 seat open cockpit aerobatic biplane - a great first tailwheel or aeros mount. Instructors in group for training free of charge - and a great group of people.

180hp Lycoming O-360, fixed pitch wood prop, half raven inverted oil.
7 point Hooker Harnesses in both cockpits.
Full set of controls in the front.

Healthy maintenance fund in place.

Cover article and flight review Flyer May 2019.

"The Happiness Machine" - ... achine.pdf

Photos here -

£70pcm overheads (insurance, hangar etc)
£18/airtime hour and pay own fuel (40L/hr aeros, 30L/hr bimble)
I would also point out that this is operated as a semi commercial operation with tailwheel and aerobatic training for qualified pilots, this should result in enough in the fund that we will be looking at no monthly charge and a reduced hourly rate to members, it may also be of interest to any qualified instructors as a decent hourly rate is paid to group instructors.