Group flying opportunities & questions
By Arrow Flyer
I hope to appeal to the many kind hearted patrons of this forum in my search for an MEP aircraft to fly 30 hours on. My day job may not be as secure as it once was, so Plan B is to build the multi engine hours required to teach the MEP (and IR) in case things don't work out.

I've spoken with pretty much every flying club with a serviceable twin, but perhaps an owner would be happy to let me fly their aircraft? Once we're able to be 2-up in an aircraft again, I don't mind flying with said owner and covering the cost..

Failing that, if anybody would like to cost share some hours in a twin and go on a few trips then I'm equally happy with a flying buddy. I'll even provide the snacks..

Me: CPL/ME-IR/MEP/FI. 737 First Officer. Approx 2500 hours. Previously flown DA42/Seneca/Twin Com.

Have car, will travel..

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By MattL
I'd think carefully to be honest, will cost you best part of £17k with ME CRI course and test and I've heard this weekend of the first ATO closing its UK doors in July. There will be loads of ME FIs around and rates will plunge again :(
Thanks for the advice :thumleft:

I've looked at the numbers and I reckon I can do it for about £12k all in - assuming 30 hours in the States inclusive of flights/accommodation etc. It works out around £260/hour for the hour building element. The cheapest twin I've been offered in the UK is £300/hour. The exchange rate isn't helping at the moment but the US is still cheaper.

Which ATO is that? There aren't many with operations in multiple countries.

I think training for extra qualifications is always a gamble when you're paying out of your own pocket. I've never had an MEP job (straight from FI/C208 to 737) hence the need to build the hours now.