Group flying opportunities & questions
By Sean. 101
Hi guys,

I posted on here a few months ago looking for a 2 seater share somewhere north west, preferably Liverpool, Blackpool, Woodford or any other tarmac strips in that area. I'm current on the Tomahawk with over 70 hours TT however I'm aware tomahawk shares never come up unless it's down south! So if anyone knows of any shares in a 2 possibly 4 seater at a reasonable price it would be appreciated :)

P. S - I'd rather avoid Flying from Barton due to our lovely British weather!. :D
By tobster911
Hi Sean,

I am looking into the purchase of a Streak Shadow, a Group A 2 seat (tandem) aircraft. I would be basing at a strip near Preston (grass) due to the massive cost saving compared to a tarmac airfield around here.

The idea was originally to be the sole purchaser, but if it's something you're interested in, I'm sure we can arrange something...

Please feel free to get in touch by reply if you're interested.

Many thanks