Group flying opportunities & questions
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By marioair
If one ever forms let me know! Yes; I know cost and pros/cons of GA at Biggin.

After a group interested in finding and forming around a 4-6 place IR capable tourer.
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By marioair
pathfinder500 wrote:Happy to hear your thoughts if you've got contact details.

Send me a PM and happy to discuss.

must haves
WAAS capable IFR kit
Real 4 adults plus fuel reserves
Lates 90s or newer

Nice to have
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By marioair
Update: I’ve had one other person show interest. To make the finances work we are aiming for a group of 3-5 max people.

Let me know if you’re interested. Happy to flex on aircraft. Our shortlist is
PA32R (1999 or newer)
Maybe a tb21
By Mdesc
Unfortunately Im still 1 or 2 years away from joining a group. But when its time, it will have to be BigginHill (location location location :D ).
But Im very curious about what costs approximately look like, in Biggin, for "modern" airplanes like the ones you listed.

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By marioair
KingJames wrote:Have you got rough idea of costs for the two at the top of your list? I def see the attraction of both aircraft and the location.

"It depends"

I'm looking at a monthly of about £250 and wet cost of £200/tacho on the basis of 5 people