Group flying opportunities & questions
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By Night Hawk
Evening all,

I’m interested and looking to see what there may be in the way of shares at Fenland. Ideally looking for;

PA28(R), PA32, C172 or something along the lines of a touring aircraft.

Endurance 4:00 plus

If you are an owner and not using your much and would like to come to an arrangement or maybe you have or know of a share; please let me know.

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By T67M
Good luck with the search - finding the right plane in the right place is a great expedition.

If I may be so bold, you may find it helpful to describe in a little more detail what you're actually looking for - 4:00+ touring is a bit vague. How far do you want to go? Four hours could be 300 miles or 800 miles depending upon the aircraft. Do you need four seats? 2+2? Do you plan to go away overnight, or longer? Are you mainly looking to fly at weekends or in the week? VFR or IFR? Autopilot? Do you need CofA or would permit be acceptable? What sort of budget are you hoping to fit within?

Quite apart from anything else, asking yourself these questions will help you assess any offers which come along.
Actually well noted and very right so.


4 seats
Night, VFR, basic IFR
UK to say Lyon on tank ideal ( fuel and pax figures depending)
Overnights will be a requirement
No min hours to be flown per use
By ChrisT

Cant find it now but this thread reminded me of a share for sale in G-FNLD, C172 I saw on Facebook quite recently..... I can't find the post now but might be worth asking at the club if you are still looking.

Good luck!