Group flying opportunities & questions
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By FlightDek
I am selling my 1/10th share in a 1973 PA28-180 based & hangared at Liverpool Airport with 24/7 security and access.

In June 2018, we carried out an avionics upgrade which included dual Garmin G5 (AI and HSI) linked to a Garmin G430 nav system and new GNC255 NAV/COM as a second radio. The aircraft is 8.33 equipped with mode-S transponder, as well as PLB and life jackets available.

The aircraft is in great condition, maintained by Ravenair and cleaned regularly. I have taken it to the Isle of Man and the south coat of England. Others in the group have taken it to Ireland and France.

Great availability and we have a bespoke booking and billing system.

Airframe approx 2000 hours
Engine approx 550 hours (zero timed 2007)

The share cost is £4,000. Monthly cost of £120 and then £95 per hour wet.

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By Flyin'Dutch'
That looks very nice and tidy.

With that wing and engine combination quite good for strip work too, innit!
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By FlightDek
I've not really done any strip flying. I did take it to Barton last summer on a really hot day. I only needed just over half of the 650m available, and I'm no sky god :lol:

So, anybody interested?
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By FlightDek
iglennon wrote:What is the flying hours requirement for the insurance?

Hi iglennon

No minimum hours for the insurance. Group rules ask for new PPL to do 5 hours dual with either an instructor or another group member. One of the members is an instructor so not difficult to arrange.

When I started flying CF I only had 76 hours total.