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Share for sale in Cessna C182S Skylane Liverpool

PostPosted:Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:02 pm
by jamescw12
G-EFAM was built in 1999 and has 2700 hours on the airframe. The 6-cylinder Lycoming IO-540 engine is fuel injected with a JPI EDM engine monitoring unit. The factory zero-timed engine has 525 hours, as has the 3-bladed McCauley propeller.

The avionics stack comprises mainly Bendix-King units: audio panel (GMA 340), dual 8.33kHz nav/comm units (KX165A), GPS (KLN94), ADF (KR87), transponder (KT76C), autopilot (KAP140), and DME (KN62A).

The C182 is a formidable load carrier (four people and baggage for several hours at 135 kts) and also a very good short-field operator (400 metres is enough under normal conditions). G-EFAM has been taken as far afield as Malaga (14,000 ft over the Pyrenees) and the north of Norway.

G-EFAM is based at Liverpool Airport, with 24/7 availability, and convenient exit and entry routes in all directions.

The insured Hull value is £110,000. Reluctantly selling my share for personal reasons - £11,500 or close offer.

Re: Share for sale in Cessna C182S Skylane Liverpool

PostPosted:Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:34 pm
by FlyboyStu
The OP's share has now been sold.

I am a member of this group. It is possible that shares may become available in future. If you may be interested, please contact me on behalf of the group.