Group flying opportunities & questions
Grumman Tiger AA5-B

180bhp, 4 place, low wing. 130kt cruise. Everyone who flys the Tiger loves it.

Transponder - Garmin GTX 330
NAV1 / COM1 - Garmin GNS 430
COM2 - Collins VHF-250
NAV2 - Collins VIR-350
Audio Panel - Garmin GMA 340

Pictures at

Unfortunately we suffered a prop strike earlier this year which resulted in one member of the group leaving.

The aircraft has been beautifully repaired and now boasts a brand new prop and fully zero-timed engine (and ancilliaries) as well as having minor niggles and corrosion being sorted out. It’s an even better aircrat than it was before.

Airframe Hours: 5654
Engine Hours: NIL
Prop Hours: NIL

We are a friendly and relaxed group, and are looking for a couple of like-minded new members, to ensure that the aircraft is flown more regularly.

Aircraft is hangered at a small farm strip just off J15 of the M4 with access to cheap fuel on site.

Monthly costs are in the region of £150, reducing to £130 if we get a fifth member. It is possible these costs will reduce in the future.

£5500 for 1/6th share

Flying costs are £95/tacho hour wet. Easy booking via goboko!

Please PM or contact me on 07884 190 414 for more details.
Back to the top with this! Due to my own move to South Wales I will be selling my share in the Tiger, quite reluctantly!

Details are all as above, except the engine and prop now have circa 60 hours on them.

It's got a fresh ARC last week so fingers crossed another year of trouble free flying awaits.

If you're in Wiltshire and want easy access to fun flying this is for you!

Monthly subs are now £130 per month and wet rate remains at £95 per tacho hour.