Group flying opportunities & questions
Hi, relatively new PPL - sub 100 hours. Looking for something no frills that'll get four adults airborne with reasonable ease. Have discounted looking at shares in the Cherokee's @ WLAC, charming a/c but looking for a little more grunt.
Any pointers?
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You need to give more information about the load you are trying to carry. 4 adults is too vague.

How light/heavy do you expect the 4 adults to be? The national average weight of an adult is going up.... and thats before counting the weight of all the gadgets and cameras, .... cold weather clothing?
Baggage allowance per person?

How much useful load do you need to be available for fuel for intended flights plus reserves with the 4 adults on board?
Average weight would be around 70kg per adult, would be aiming for mainly day trips over the next year so limited baggage/kit requirements perhaps additional 10Kg in total. Flights would be largely max 200nm away from base, west country/wales/near continent so a minimum three-hour endurance would be useful. Any guidance appreciated!
How often will you carry four adults? If the answer is “most of the time”, press on. If the answer is “now and again”, look at something smaller and rent a four seater which meets the above spec when required.
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I'm neither buying nor selling, nor in a 4-seat syndicate there. But I have had quite a few syndicate shares, and presently fly a 2-seater out of WW, where I consider myself a very happy member. If you want somebody to talk stuff over with - drop me a note - I try to be at the club about once a fortnight or so on some pretext or other (and do plan to do a bit of flying between now and Hogmanay).