Group flying opportunities & questions
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By foxmoth
One of our group is selling his share - needs cash for a more advanced Aeros machine! 1/7th share in G-DVMI, cleared for aeros and paperwork in for IFR clearance. Well run group with a good engine fund. £15k but he might take an offer if you get in quick! Ad on AFORS
By Maxthelion
It's not crazy money by any means. An RV-7 with IFR clearance is a rare and desireable beast, and if the group has a good size kitty in place, then £15k is probably where the market currently supports it.
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By foxmoth
Share went for full price and we could probably have sold it three times over, £105k is probably about right for an RV7/8 with a zero hour engine, we have 500 hours on ours with over £5k in the engine fund so I would say the price is about right.
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By Rob P
It just illustrates the problem of valuing an RV for insurance purposes. Its a perpetual quandary we face when we come to renewal time each year.

Rob P