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By Tommy2809
I'm looking to see if their is any aircraft that someone is willing to rent out. I don't really have the money to buy into a share and some of the clubs around me charge a fair wack. Im looking at C172 or PA28 as that is what i'm use to flying but happy to learn something new. I have chosen 4 seater only so i can take friends and family up, but i'm happy in a 2 seater as well. I'm based in the south east closet airport for me is Popham to give you an idea of where i am.

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By Rob P

The reason clubs charge a "fair whack" is that it costs a fair whack to operate a CAA / EASA aircraft. Both the types you mention are Certificate of Airworthiness and the prices charged are a reflection of what it costs to operate them plus a meagre profit margin.

If you can't afford a share, or the loan to buy a share, all you are left with is the stealth rental arrangement known as "Non-equity share". Your flying hours will cost a lot less, but the monthly contribution that you have to pay will probably wipe out any savings.

Nobody is going to rent your their PA28 or C172 for less than it costs to operate.

Permit aircraft are considerably cheaper. Look for a share in one and borrow the money from your bank for the cost of the share. The chances are you will get it back eventually when you leave the group.

Rob P
By Tommy2809
Thanks all for the replies, i think i should take a trip down to popham and have a look at the notice board. I would just like to point out that i am in no way saying that a school would not be a good way to go for me and i completely understand the reason for their costs. I might just have to except and go to a school, or like it was said take a loan to buy a share.

thanks again
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By PeteSpencer
Buying a share in either CAA or permit aeroplane is altogether a more fulfilling experience not only for the significantly better availability than renting a school:club a/c but also once cost of the share is accepted and parked the hourly costs of flying are much better.
Have no experience of permit aircraft but I understand they are, on the whole, significantly cheaper than CAA if cost is a deal breaking factor ,

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By T67M
One thing I recently learned is that
CofA aircraft operated as a non-equity group aren't allowed to operate under a SDMP, they must be under LAMP (at the moment) or an AMP (by the end of 2019), with no pilot maintenance allowed.
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By T67M
My understanding (which may be flawed) is the non-equity groups count as aircraft rental, which is a commercial operation, therefore are excluded from the exemptions granted under Pilot Owner Maintenance. Topping up the oil and pumping up the tyres are therefore allowed (these aren't maintenance tasks), but changing the oil and tyres need a licensed engineer.