Group flying opportunities & questions
I'm selling my quarter equity share in G-CCEM, a 2003 EV97a Eurostar. £9000
I haven't had much time to fly recently, and am now relocating.
Hangared at Oxenhope, in the scenic West Yorkshire Pennines.
Comfortable, delightful to fly, superb visibility.
Low cost flying: LAA permit, 12 litres per hour of Mogas. £25 per tacho hour, no monthlies. Low fixed costs for hangarage and insurance.
Mode S, 8.33 radio, PilotAware, Skydemon on 7" tablet.
Contact Alex on hamiltonalex2000"at" or 07966397404, or for more details about the group and to view her, contact Dick on 07946414532 or r_wademan"at"
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