Group flying opportunities & questions
Hey Guys,

I know this is a VERY long shot (especially as its sunny and a weekend)

Does anyone have (or know of) any 4 (or 6) seater planes (preferably VP/RG) that aren't booked this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) around the London area? I am looking at renting a plane to do a 1000nm roundtrip with friends down to the south of France leaving early Saturday and back late afternoon Sunday.

I have an EASA PPL SEP IR(r) Night Aerobatic ratings with EFIS, tailwheel, Variable Pitch, Retractable Gear and Turbo differences training. Currently on just over 400h TT, 246h P1, 95h complex (vp/rg) of which 78h Turbo. I have flown quite a few different types from Tiger Moths to Saratogas. Preferably looking for something a bit faster, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!